Larry Simon (2)Eggs Benedictus
Dara BirnbaumKojak/Wang
Carla LissUntitled
Bobby G (2)Excerpt From Times Sq. Show Audio
Wharton TiersIncantation
Carol ParkinsonTrue Confessions
Nina CanalUntitled
Lee RanaldoShift
Jenny HolzerUntitled
Annea LockwoodSound Stroke
Michael Smith (8) / A. LeroyThe Smith-Leroy Comedy Team
Chris Nelson (5)Dinner Time
Willie KleinUntitled
Mitch CorberSimply Riding A Dream
Mark AbbottUntitled
Dan GrahamUntitled
Michael ShambergOn The Promontory
Anne DeMarinisRadio Song
Thurston MooreThe Fucking Youth Of Today
Andy Blinx / Don Hunerberg*Red Ants
Vikky AlexanderCalvin Klein
John Howell (3)Dear John
Salvatore PrincipatoUntitled
Nigel RollingsPenumbra
Peggy KatzGrand Central Station
Eric BogosianHighway Patrol
Herr LugusHappy Police Horn
Amy TaubinDoor Stop
Remko SchaExcerpt From "The Machines"
Susan RussellTalking Art
Bill BuchenUntitled
Verge PiersolWell, Alice
David Hofstra / Lynne TillmanTell The Story
D. Brown (3)K-4
Sandra SeymourDogs
Phill NiblockIndex Circa Seventy
Barbara KrugerUnited Technology
John RehbergerFetish
Paul McMahon / Nancy RadloffTurtles Travel Slower On Asphalt
Bruce TovskyDub Bums
Martha WilsonUntitled
Ned SubletteExcerpt From "Slowly I Turn, Step By Step, Inch By Inch...."
Glenn BrancaFaspeedelaybop
Gail VachonYou Will Start Out Standing
B. Conan PiersolDeutchland Etude
Gregory SandowA Natural Death
Stephan WischerthDirty Tape
Bob GeorgeWarhead In The Forehead
Judy RifkaIt's True
David GarlandLong Song
Mark Bingham32 Bad Movies
Michael ByronExcerpt From "Strangers In A Strange Land"
Glenda Hydler / Susan FisherIt's Hot Love
Laurie SpiegelUntitled
Barbara EssEntrada
Kiki SmithUntitled
Shelley HirschUntitled
Peter GordonForeign Waters
Arleen SchlossWatch Out - Verse 5
Tod JorgensenSweden - Den Mother
David RosenbloomVoices And Chambers
Doug SnyderUntitled
Jon Rubin (4)Floating Cinema Excerpt
Thomas LawsonUntitled
Harry SpitzPipe Music
Rhys Chatham / David LintonExcerpt From "64 Short Stories"
Isa GenzkenSalutations Roma
Daile KaplanNew Sneakers
Kim Gordon And Miranda*Working Youth
Sally A. WhiteUntitled
Joseph NechvatalCrown Of Thorns
Steven HarveyFriend Heart Alarm
Sammy Marshall HarveyRadio Off
Brian DohertyUntitled
Rudolph GreyEvelyn McHale
Richard MorrisonDie
Z'EVExcerpt From "Metal And Plastic"

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