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The VerlainesDoomsday
Big DipperHe Is God
Live SkullAlive Again
Honor RoleLives Of The Saints No. 135 (Naked Wife)
UrinalsI'm Like You
My Dad Is DeadTime Has Come Today
Great PlainsStanding At The Crosswords
Half Japanese*Charmed Life
Salem 66Red Barn (Live)
American Music ClubI'm In Heaven Now
The PastelsComing Through
Nice Strong ArmAberration
BastroFlesh-Colored House
Phantom TollboothQuest
Tall DwarfsGravity
Volcano SunsUltravixen
The MembranesWounded Bull In Victorian England
Happy FlowersI Wish I Was Adopted
The ChillsParty In My Heart
Yo La TengoSomebody's Baby
The EmbarrassmentTwo-Week Vacation
The CleanOddity (Live)
Death Of SamanthaDo It
GG AllinI'm A Gypsy Motherfucker

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Cover of Human Music, 1988, CDHuman Music
CD, Compilation
Homestead Records – HMS100-2US1988US1988
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Cover of Human Music, 1988, VinylHuman Music
2×LP, Compilation, Stereo
Homestead Records – HMS 100-1US1988US1988
Recently Edited
Cover of Human Music, 1988, CassetteHuman Music
Cassette, Compilation
Homestead Records – HMS100-4US1988US1988
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