2 Warm4:56
Other Side Of The Moon6:17
Hit Me4:51

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    Cover of Vol II, 1993, VinylVol II
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Brain Progression – bp01UK1993UK1993
    Vol II
    12", White Label, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Brain Progression – SAZ 002UK1993UK1993
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    • NastyMcQuaid's avatar
      For years I've played 2 Warm off this - it's such an intense darkside track, moody and melodic which is pretty hard to pull off - but I'd completely forgotten about the flip Hit Me, which chops up the bleeps from LFO into a sick breakbeat work out - basically another classic .. this is a 5* 12"!!!
      • jam1's avatar
        Edited one year ago
        Very clever edit of M.C. Juice saying Pump Up The Bass (Pump Up The Pressure + Drop The Bass) From The House Crew's All We Wanna Do Is Dance.
        • Harlow_Records's avatar
          Edited one month ago
          Just to clarify things- this is not the YouTube video you see over there. Someone made the mistake and posted the later version of the Moon track.
          • Jarlek's avatar
            Edited 2 years ago
            Absolutely manic. The first time I heard "Other Side Of.." was actually as late as 1999, I somehow stumbled across a German rave radio channel on our Sky of the time and amongst the German language talking about the tunes, this eventually got played (also the Clown Mix of Pennywise got played, amongst others...). It was May 26th, I know this because it was the same day United were playing Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final! Sadly, I wasn't able to find the station again for reasons unknown to me - perhaps it was a one-off, I'll never know! I consider myself fortunate I got my tape deck out and hooked it up as quickly as I could to record what was left of the show, about 30 mins or so's worth before it ended and changed into something else (classical music I think..?!) Just a juggernaut of a tune at full throttle with a medley of madcap riffs and breakdowns; I was instantly hooked and I believe if memory serves me correctly

            I got an ID off my mate Sav (Chris Savage, RIP..) not long after (I used to be able to send him tapes with snippets on and he'd help me ID tunes, such was his generosity and ability to know track names..) and was able to locate and buy a copy the following year, 2000. 3 roughneck excursions into the realms of Hardcore Jungle with fast tempos, cut up/wild amen breaks and a whole bunch of cool stabs and riffs running throughout. Beautiful stuff :)
            • inhackney's avatar
              I like this combination of Swift, Zinc and Bizzy B on the buttons. Its gonna be interesting, and its gonna be a flavour !
              • tangee's avatar
                Huge DJ Ratty tune, brilliant 12", this never gets boring..
                • BlueMoonWax's avatar
                  Nice! 2 warm uses the same pad from around 1:44 as DJ Hype's 'the chopper'..

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