AbsuThe Gold Torques Of Ulaid3:50
EyehategodServing Time In The Middle Of Nowhere3:33
The Electric Hellfire ClubD.W.S.O.B4:09
SpazzGummo Love Theme2:51
Bethlehem Schuld Uns'res Knöch'rigen Faltpferd's4:34
BurzumRundgang Um Die Transzendentale Saule Der Singularitat6:21
Dark NoerdSmokin Husk4:58
BrujeriaMatando Gueros 973:14
NamanaxThe Medicine Man5:25
NifelheimHellish Blasphemy3:24
MorticianSkin Peeler3:15
MystifierGive The Human Devil His Due5:28
Destroy All MonstersMom's And Dad's Pussy1:59
BethlehemVerschleierte Irrelgiositat5:34
Mischa MaiskySuite No. 2 For Solo Cello In D Minor-Prelude5:34
SleepSome Grass0:48
Rose Shephard And Ellen M. SmithJesus Loves Me0:40

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    Cover of Gummo, 1997, CDGummo
    CD, Album, Compilation
    London Records – 422-828 927-2US1997US1997
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Gummo, 1997, CDGummo
    CD, Album, Compilation, Promo
    London Records – PRCD 7658 2, Innerstate Records – PRCD 7658 2US1997US1997
    New Submission
    Cover of Gummo, 1997, CassetteGummo
    Cassette, Compilation, Promo
    London Records – noneUS1997US1997
    New Submission
    Cover of Gummo, 1998, CDGummo
    CD, Album, Compilation
    Domino – WIGCD 52UK1998UK1998
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Gummo, 1998, CDGummo
    CD, Album, Compilation
    London Records – POCD-1277Japan1998Japan1998
    New Submission
    Cover of Gummo, 2016-08-26, VinylGummo
    2×LP, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition
    Domino – WIG52UK2016UK2016
    New Submission



    • Bstooks's avatar
      Anyone know how many of these were pressed? ? ?
      • Trotskii79's avatar
        Mad soundtrack to an even madder film. Both brilliant. Where else are you gonna see Burzum alongside Spazz?!
        • PhoenixRex's avatar
          Isn't there a Cassette version of this soundtrack as well?
          • BlackSpadeFamily's avatar
            The soundtrack to the cult film gummo opens up with a good taste of traditional black metal, the gold torques of ulaid by absu. eyehategod provides a fantastic example of sloppy southern sludge metal, serving time in the middle of nowhere, a previously unreleased track. after the alternative metal band electric hellfire club's dwsob, grindcore/power violence band spazz give the exclusive gummo love theme. german metal band bethlehem's schuld unsres knochrigen flatpferd is their first song on the soundtrack. burzum gives us an abridged version of rundgang um die transzendentale saule der singularitat, a great example of dark ambient sound. black metal god bathory gives the soundtrack equimanthorn, a great example of the viking influenced music he and his different lineups are known for. dark noerd offers a previously unreleased song, smokin husk to the soundtrack. stoner metal legends sleep contribute the opening track to sleeps holy mountain, dragonaut to the soundtrack. south american metal band brujeria give the soundtrack a song matando gueros, which translates to kill the whites. namanax contributes their song the medicine man, right before nifelheims hellish blasphemy and mystifiers strange give the human devil his due. destroy all monsters anti music track moms and dads pussy gives a very strange vibe, with children talking about pussies and peanut butter motherfuckers. bethlehem leaves the soundtrack with their song verschleierte irrelgiositat and mischa maisky offers a classical piece right before sleep's some bluegrass, and then the soundtrack ends with rose shepherds and ellen m smith's jesus loves me

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