Willie WonkaWhat Is House?



What Is House?7:18
It's Now Or Never4:35

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    Cover of What Is House?, 1986, VinylWhat Is House?
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Red Labels
    Trax Records – TX122US1986US1986
    Cover of What Is House?, 1986, VinylWhat Is House?
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Orange Labels
    Trax Records – TX122US1986US1986
    Cover of What Is House?, 1986-01-01, VinylWhat Is House?
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Blue
    Trax Records – TX122US1986US1986



    • dylaf's avatar
      Edited one year ago

      'What is House?'- One of the most unique, unusual and brilliant early Chicago vocals!

      "So far, the vast majority of Chicago's dance music artists are urban blacks; with the rhythm in their blood, and a formula for getting people to shake their bones"

      I rest my case, brilliant narrative on the scene & captured at the time, this is a really historic & important Trax release that gets little attention... It is certainly not rocket science, but a simple beat with moody synth's, brooding bassline & the vocal narrative being it's real sell point.

      • discfiend's avatar
        Edited 3 years ago
        The tid on this one is that there's a single track side and a double track side w/ two separate versions of What Is House and can be found on both red or orange label releases. Its hard to find the double tracker with a good press as they seem to look and play like a vinyl that's been cleaned with a very harsh cleaning product. Also, the only way to tell if you actually have the two-tracker is to examine the vinyl for the obvious signs of two separate tracks i.e. runout between the two. Label DOES NOT clue you in about this.
        • 32672spanky's avatar
          hey this raashaad wilkerson from the southside of chicago
          when i first heard this record i wanted to meet the artist named willie wonka and tell him that
          he did a wonderful bangin job on this record. i have two copies of this rare chicago classic!
          • Ricoh's avatar
            Ok so early house from 1986.. simple stuff.. and all the better for it... as What is House has one of the filthiest basslines I've ever heard... lyrics are funny but somehow get you hooked... i can't believe there has been no comments on this classic trax release. On the B side Blow is also a dirty dusty cut.

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