Fresh (2) - Dum-Dum InterRecords

January 24, 2018
referencing Dum-Dum, 12", PR102
Has anybody a 1984 copy in reasonable quality? i have a good looking but terrible sounding copy only ;-(

Fresh (2) - Dum-Dum RHMRSYNTH

November 5, 2014
referencing Dum-Dum, 12", PR102
One of the first..

.. defining Acid House- and therefore Electronic Dance Music Releases ever.

Fresh (2) - Dum-Dum as reviewed by DaJacker

November 21, 2008
referencing Dum-Dum, 12", Bla, PR 102, PR102
There were three different label pressings for this release. The first and also the rarest of all three was on a yellow label with brown print. The second more common pressing was on a black label with white print and the last pressing was on a red label with white print. All three of the releases were pressed from the same master plates as seen by the matrix inscription on the dead wax run out groove.

Fresh (2) - Dum-Dum as reviewed by the-jaguar

August 7, 2003
referencing Dum-Dum, 12", Bla, PR 102, PR102
'Dum Dum' is a unique piece of house from right back when it all started. A very clever hypnotic vocal line combined with a few well placed atmospherics make this an unforgetable tune. It also draws on Funkadelic's, 'One Mation...' for a smooth change of direction at the end.