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Kreem Triangle Of Love
Intercity Groovin Without A Doubt
Keynotes Let's, Let's, Let's Dance
Reese & Santonio The Sound
Reese & Santonio How To Play Our Music
Reese & Santonio Forcefield
Reese Just Another Chance
Reese Rock To The Beat
Kevin Saunderson The Groove That Won't Stop
Reese Bassline
Reese Funky, Funk, Funk
E-Dancer Pump Up The Move
Tronikhouse Uptempo
Tronikhouse The Savage & Beyond
Tronikhouse Straight Outta Hell
The Reese Project Station Of The Groove
Inner City Ahnongay
Reese & Santonio Bounce Your Body To The Box


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December 29, 2012
referencing Faces & Phases, 3xLP, Comp, Ltd, SIXXLP 6

I agree with the thoughts of the other reviewer. 2xCD compilations tend to drag on and spread themselves thin and some tracks are just miss. The 3xLP is probably a more useful release than the CD version. That said, it still is a must-have release, because chances are you can't collect all the individual records (at a reasonable price).


May 21, 2009
referencing Faces & Phases - The Kevin Saunderson Collection, 2xCD, Comp, Ltd, PE 65235 CD

This an essential purchase for all Kevin 'Master Reese' Saunderson fans, as well as for techno completists and historians, but despite of its undeniable importance, I have trouble sitting through both discs in one go. Not that any of the tracks are bad, but it's that thing they call taste which plays a major role here. For one reason or the other (and I don't really want to venture into explaining why), certain tracks don't impress. I've noticed that a common denominator with a lot of other best of and greatest hits releases. But as the title of this release implies, these are certain phases of his career, and odds are that a man as versatile and deeply rooted in the electronic music scene won't impress you with every chunk of music he ever recorded.
That said, when "Faces & phases - The Kevin Saunderson Collection" is good, it rocks hard! There are certain tunes here which validate the purchase around twice. The Savage And Beyond, one of my all time favorite tracks, still gives my whole room a solid shake, with huge drum kicks and an amazing, old school hoover! Then there's the eerie and atmospheric Rock To The Beat, with a timeless lead melody, you get two groove bombs, The Sound and The Groove That Won't Stop, especially the latter with endless acid bleeps. You get both tracks from one of my personal favorite 12", "Inside Out", by Reese, with Bassline being one of the most timeless, instantly recognizible dance floor killers of all time. It can still be heard at clubs, with a lead that confidently holds its own against modern, state of the art techno music. Then there's E-Dancer's Pump The Move, which would later appear on E-Dancer's classic album "Heavenly", but remixed by the legendary Kenny Larkin.
Add the furious, straight up raw techno banger Up Tempo, and there I go with almost two fist fulls packed with amazing tunes.
So I guess my wants and needs were satisfied here. Not everything shines here as much as I wanted it to, but looking at this compilation from the bright side, it's quite obvious this is the easiest way to get your hands on quite a few old school K. Saunderson gems in one place. And this is where and why this one excells! Tracks The Savage And Beyond, Funky Funk Funk, Bassline and The Groove Won't Stop are numbers I won't ever get tired of listening to. Not ever! The mere fact I had the opportunity to collect all four in a single place makes me quite convinced that this is an essential purchase. Add the vast territory it covers across two discs running time, and check the tracklist, and then my guess is you'll share my general appreciation.


February 26, 2003
referencing Faces & Phases Vol. 1 - The Kevin Saunderson Collection, 2x12", Comp, Ltd, pe65235

I've heard from other users that this release is very recommended to have for someone who likes detroit or good electronic music in general. So I get this one after a long hunting. After hearing through the album the first time I was so excited, you can't imagine that. A true masterpiece in everyone's collection, the rating on this release page confirms that.