System 01 Featuring Timothy Leary* - From Psychodelics To Cybernetics as reviewed by msr042377

December 9, 2014
referencing From Psychodelics To Cybernetics, LP, Album, IF-SETH 026 MS

As far as the great Timothy Leary albums go, this is one of the great ones. It's a far cry from his early years of The Psychedelic Experiencee, LSD, and Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out. It's got a very 1990's techno beat, but better than the average pounding house music. More cerebral. The messages are the same though. Think for yourself, question authority. WOW! It really captures Leary well for his later cyber years. After the turning point in his life when he stopped being such a strong advocate of psychedelics and focused on information exchange, intelligence increase, and virtual reality. While the 2nd side of this album is a bit repetitive in that it's the same music sans Leary's wise words, it's still pretty cool. Well worth it for the 1st half of the album. It's a pretty hard one to find, and not necessarily a sought-after collector's item...yet. I suggest you get one while you can. For the audiophile, I think it sounds very clear, nice range, shouldn't be disappointed.

System 01 Featuring Timothy Leary* - From Psychodelics To Cybernetics as reviewed by bonnicon

June 4, 2012
referencing From Psychodelics To Cybernetics, CD, Album, IF-SETH 026 CD
If like me you have a copy of the - dare I say it - classic album "Buried Dreams", from which was taken the - dare I say it again - milestone single "The Hacker" then if I tell you that Paul Browse, who is one half of this impressive duo was one of the three people making up that particular CLOCK DVA line-up, your interest will be aroused. If I tell you he wasn't in the line-up for the live "Transitional Voices" album, you might get an even better idea of the sound he took with him. Okay, so there is nothing as incandescent as the brilliant "Hacker" here, and it lacks the experimental flavour of the "Buried Dreams" album, but the sound is there - that busy shifting, phasing, twisting sound full of movement and action. Listening to this shows you how much he gave to the sound of CLOCK DVA. A whispered voice opens "Know Time" and a chattering sequencer / keyboard sound begins gently while choir voices are heard in the distance. It's a rather deep and dark sound over which the vocalist sings his YELLO-like rapid poetry and female voices say "I Like You" and "Know Time" It has a slightly disturbing atmosphere, while avoiding any reference to Vampyric Countesses. "Any Reality Is An Opinion" has TIM LEARY speaking over the top of yet another fairly passive rhythmic thing which is unafraid of showing its teeth. He says things like 'It's My Job To Corrupt Young People / With The Contagious / Infectious Idea / Of Individual Freedom" spouting things about putting LSD into the water supply (yes, that old chestnut). His words fits the compulsively rhythmic music alnost perfectly. "From Psychodelics To Cybernetics" follows in a very similar vein with lots of subtle sound effects thrown in for good measure. "Paralysed Force (Ether Mix)" is (presumably) a remix of their previous release with deep & echoing vocals which are muffled and not easy to discern (the vocalist mumbling a little like ADI NEWTON). Having said which, it's very similar in it's honed, ever-busy sound to everything else on this mini LP.
The 'B' side (at least on the cassette demo I was sent) consists of only two tracks! The first one is an instrumental mix of "Any Reality Is An Opinion" which basically consists of the very same music minus the TIM LEARY words. The dramatic punctuation is there, and in many ways it actually works better as an instrumental - your listening is not distracted by anybody drawling words over the top. "From Psychodelics To Cybernetics" is a supposed instrumental although it seems to have more vocals on it than the other version did. The vocals are very similar to (or exactly the same as) those found on "Any Reality Is An Opinion", again fitting the song almost perfectly. Apart from the chugging, chittering rhythm, there's a plethora of interesting rhythmic devices and punctuations used it this sound, all mixed back to give it a smooth, flowing sound.

I've seen copies in the shops and this is well below a full price, full-sized LP which is a good thing! Don't expect it to punch and pummel you if you buy a copy, but it is good, well-put-together, cerebral dance music. I look forward to their further development - the future looks good for SYSTEM 01.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.