DJ TiëstoMagik Seven: Live In Los Angeles


The AuranautPeople Want To Be Needed7:44
Three DrivesSunset On Ibiza3:45
SchillerDas Glockenspiel (Humate Remix)3:33
BallroomCome Along! (Chrome Remix)5:51
InsigmaOpen Our Eyes (Original Insigma Mix)5:51
Jan JohnstonFlesh (DJ Tiësto Mix)6:09
M.I.K.E.Sunrise At Palamos4:20
PushStrange World (2000 Remake)4:14
Utah SaintsLost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb's Main Mix)4:05
Mario Piu* A.K.A. DJ ArabesqueBass Control4:12
DJ TiëstoFlight 6435:31
The Green MartianIndustry4:05
CJ BollandThe Prophet5:37

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    Cover of Magik Seven: Live In Los Angeles, 2001-04-18, CDMagik Seven: Live In Los Angeles
    CD, Compilation, Mixed
    Black Hole Recordings – BLACK HOLE CD 19Netherlands2001Netherlands2001
    Cover of Magik Seven: Live In Los Angeles, 2013-07-08, FileMagik Seven: Live In Los Angeles
    15×File, WAV, Compilation; File, WAV, Mixed
    Black Hole Recordings – BHCD 19Netherlands2013Netherlands2013



    • captainsteve's avatar
      Magik Seven was an interesting release. Apart from finishing off the Magik series (which isn't clear to me why), it shares 11 of the 15 tracks with disc 2 of his revolution mix 3 WEEKS LATER on Virgin. Revolution itself is a very good album and highly recommended, and the 11/15 tracks it shares are all superb tracks, but it seems a very weird choice all the same. If anyone has more information about these two releases that elucidates the overlap it would be interesting.

      Needless to say, treating Magik Seven as a monolithic release, this could have been night 2 of the same gig as Magik Six. Very dark, Airwave and M.I.K.E. style trance (who appear 4 times on this) it is nevertheless an excellent mix that is oft overlooked. I think it is comparable to Magik Six, if not at times better.

      Kicking off with The Auranaut, lovely ethereal trance track, great way to start proceedings. Tiesto signals intention with dipping right into Three Drives with Sunset On Ibiza before getting very proggy with Schiller and Ballroom offerings. Tiesto pulls us back into stadium trance with Insigma (Thrillseekeers + Pulser alias) before dropping a host of anthemic ibiza bombs with Jan Johnston, Riva, M.I.K.E. and Push. And if Sunrise at Palamos doesn't make you tingle idk what will, especially with the crowd sounds in the break. Great stuff. Tiesto then takes us on a tech-trance break with the anthemic Oliver Lieb mix of Lost Vagueness and some Mario Piu, before dumping us in his own Flight 643, full of tech-realness. To end the mix he throws in a few Airwave aliases which always deliver, and curiously ends with the hard CJ Bolland. Its a solid mix and definitely worth a listen, 4/5.

      Top tracks:

      M.I.K.E. - Sunrise At Palamos
      Utah Saints - Lost Vagueness (Oliver Lieb's Main Mix)
      Insigma - Open Our Eyes (Original Insigma Mix)
      • kristijan1964's avatar
        Edited 5 years ago
        One of the best Tiesto releases, it really is amazing. Trance at its peak.
        Favourite tracks from the album, Utah Saints Lost Vagueness and Insigma-Open your eyes. Great mixing, and for me on the magic 4,6 level. Definitely worth its money.
        • deviant2k's avatar
          Fucking epic, Tiesto unarguably at his creative peak and integrity.
          • vibrasphere
            No reviews? I'd say this mix was overlooked. Everyone hyped Six so much and nothing for this one?

            Track selection is top notch and the entire set is a pure quality trance. Not to mention, it has only like three vocal tracks, so this mix is pure trancer.

            I just got the Beatport version with full tracks and the mix in highest quality. Gonna buy the CD someday. I own only Magik 1, which is perfection too.

            So in overall this mix stands for me next to Six in the same level of quality.

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