Zombie NationKernkraft 400 (Original Mix)3:26
StormTime To Burn (Original Mix)2:58
Planet PerfectoBullet In The Gun 2000 (Solar Stone Mix)4:07
DarudeSandstorm (Original Mix)3:33
Hi-GateCaned And Unable (Original Mix)2:58
YorkOn The Beach (CRW Mix)3:59
Frankie Goes To HollywoodTwo Tribes (Rob Searle Club Mix)5:40
SuRealYou Take My Breath Away (Lange Mix)3:12
Electrique BoutiqueRevelation (Ferry Corsten Remix)3:26
Marc Et ClaudeI Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine) (Ferry Corsten Remix)4:33
William OrbitBarber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix)3:52
Rising StarTouch Me (Vocal Mix)4:07
Lost Witness7 Colours (Angelic Remix)4:21
Kamaya PaintersFar From Over (Oliver Lieb Remix)3:54
En-MotionTruth (Original Mix)2:45
WarriorWarrior (Club Mix)3:26
Tillmann* & Ries*Bassfly (Moogwai Remix)4:00
A.T.F.C.* Presents OnePhatDeeva Featuring Lisa MillettBad Habit (Armin Van Buuren Rising Star Mix)4:35
Alex D'Elia vs Ebop Allstars*Isn't Life Wonderful? (Alex's Original Vocal Mix)3:43
Tonca BoysMeet Us At Tonca (Choir Boys Remix)3:56
AmberSexual (Deep Dish Cheez Whiz Dub)2:34
Josh Wink & Lil Louis*How's Your Evening So Far? (UK 12'' Mix)5:21
Delerium Featuring Sarah McLachlanSilence (DJ Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Remix)5:57
Sister BlissSister Sister (12'' Mix)6:38
KillahurtzWest On 27th (Original 'Subway' Mix)4:11
John JohnsonImpact (Original Mix)4:25
Twister (8)Mauna Kea (Volcanic Mix)4:23
John '00' FlemingFree (Mark Shimmon & 3rd Degree's Twister Remix)3:13
System FLost In Motion (Original Mix)5:18
Freefall Featuring Jan JohnstonSkydive (Original Mix)5:46
Human Movement Featuring Sophie MoletaLove Has Come Again (Original Mix)3:56
Memnon Featuring SeroyaDesire (Dub Mix)3:28
PQM* Featuring CicaThe Flying Song (Acapella)
AlbionAir 2000 (Oliver Lieb Remix)3:15
Kristine BlondLove Shy (Electrique Boutique Vocal Mix)3:56
Atlantis vs Avatar (5) Featuring Miriam StockleyFiji (Lange Remix)4:26
MoonmanGalaxia (Solar Stone Remix)5:06
OrionEternity (Darren Tate Mix)4:13

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    Cover of Trance Nation Four, 2000-09-25, CDTrance Nation Four
    2×CD, Mixed, Cardboard Slipcase
    Ministry Of Sound – TNCD4UK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Trance Nation Four, 2000, CassetteTrance Nation Four
    2×Cassette, Mixed, Compilation
    Ministry Of Sound – TNMC4UK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Trance Nation Four, 2000-09-25, CDTrance Nation Four
    2×CD, Mixed, Cardboard Slipcase
    Ministry Of Sound – TNCD4UK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Trance Nation Four, 2000, CDTrance Nation Four
    2×CD, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Generation X Records – TNCD4Russia2000Russia2000
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    Cover of Trance Nation 4, 2000, CDrTrance Nation 4
    2×CDr, Mixed, Promo
    Ministry Of Sound – noneUK2000UK2000
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    Cover of Ministry Of Sound 6, 2001, CassetteMinistry Of Sound 6
    Cassette, Compilation, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Северная Пальмира – noneRussia2001Russia2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Trance Nation Four, , CDTrance Nation Four
    CD, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Ministry Of Sound (2) – TNCD4 Disc 2
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    • Triquatra's avatar
      A very 'straight', professional sounding mix. I think CD1 stood out a little more for me. Lots and lots of great tracks but for some reason I'm just not that excited about them and the 'drive' that tracks like 'pulp victim - the world 99' is missing from this album. More of a ...bop your head album, than a throw your hands in the air album. Ugh at the non-instrumental version of Revelation. Such a great track ruined by that sample.

      CD2 lacks even more energy I think, the tracks are super laid back and it starts off with progressive house for a while; never been a fan of the ever-repetative 'so hows your evening so hows your evening so hows your evening so far..." thanks for asking, it was alright until that track came on. It remains kind of lack-luster for the first half of the CD, which is okay if you're after a kind of monotonus mix to throw on in the background... after that it picks up as far as melodies go ending with more euphoric tracks. So journey wise I think this one probably nailed it taking it from deep to uplifting in a gradual curve.

      Again I'm stuck feeling like I just prefer hearing these tracks in other mixes where I think they've done a better job - in this CDs case it's 'superior' where the tracks re-appear I think would be Gatecrasher - Global Sound System.
      • __wadsy__'s avatar
        This is another absolutely strong release in the series, but sadly it is the last before it turned to utter nonsense with the release of Trance Nation 2001. This album is either my favourite of the bunch, or #3 but they are very close quality wise. This one features songs from one of my favourite trance eras, being late 2000. This was the era that gave us Gatecrasher: Global Sound System and Ibiza Euphoria 2000, both very strong albums and this one is just as spectacular in different ways.

        The first CD is the one which is more on track with what trance is really about. It is awesome of course, and we get some top tracks like Caned And Unable, York's On The Beach, Two Tribes, and Revelation in the first half. It did not start the best this time around, as songs like Zombie Nation, Time To Burn, Bullet In The Gun and Sandstorm have been done to death. Not exactly the best way to begin, but once we reach track 5 those flaws seem to be behind. The second half is great, giving us Touch Me, the wonderful Seven Colours by Lost Witness, Far From Over and Truth - all awesome! It ends superbly with Bassfly, Bad Habit and Isn't Life Wonderful though track 20 is a hit and miss. While I do not have too much to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this CD as it is mixed well, has a nice journey and most songs are great.

        The second CD is also very strong, and the quality is about as equal as the first or maybe slightly better. It does start off a bit more in line with house music, but it quickly ascends into trance that exceeds even that of the first disc. The first three songs are energy filled and great and everything from tracks 4-8 are still quite good though more deep house? Once we get to track 9 it transitions into proper trance and we get Love In Motion which is catchy, followed by Skydive which is where things start to get very serious. The next song: Love Has Come Again was an absolute highlight in Global Sound System, so I was thrilled to see it here again and it is still one of my all time favourites. Next is a cross-over with The Flying Song and Desire, very neat and still very Gatecrasher esq. Tracks 13-14 are very nice, no disappointments there and then we get Fiji (Lange Mix) which is a great way to end things off. While Moonman's Galaxia is a great track, Orion's Eternity is again one of the best trance songs in my opinion. I loved this CD and it felt very close to Gatecrasher at times, fantastic.

        Overall, Trance Nation 4 is no less than the masterpiece we were given with #3 the previous year. The mixing is still very impressive and both CD's are a journey to paradise. I do not really have any major complaints and would happily call this a top ten album for me. Though in saying that, this is where the series truly ended for me. I cannot stand the 2001 release and I am not a fan of anything released beyond that.
        • ELITE_MUSIC's avatar
          A Y2K release that holds up surprisingly well 17 years(!) later: a satisfying and entertaining mix by one of the geniuses behind VERACOCHA (their immortal "Carte Blanche" is one of my all-time favorite trance tracks)-- this is somewhat surprising in regard to the fact that there are many negative reviews towards the label, Ministry of Sound, overall [on Discogs MOS' label page]... Well, thanks to Ferry Corsten, this is one MOS mix compilation that is still worthwhile after all these years!
          • martenutopia's avatar
            1.18 is not A.T.F.C.* Presents OnePhatDeeva Featuring Lisa Millett Bad Habit (Armin Van Buuren Gimmick Dub)

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