VariousValis l - Destruction Of Syntax


Automaton, Bill Laswell, DXTEx Machina10:18
DXTBullit In The Head4:16
DJ Olive, Loop*, Once11, We™Quark Soup7:27
JB's Af*Peace Akhi1:46
SpectreBackstab (Night Of The Long Knives)7:16
Corporal BlossomSenseless Humor (Elimination)4:34
DXTTwisted Tables4:55
SpectreNightstalkers / Mayday5:10
Corporal BlossomConveyor4:45
DJ SpookyJourney (Paraspace Mix)4:14
Corporal BlossomPrime Order1:53
From The Jungle Approach, TorturePlay To Win3:23
DJ SpookyNasty Data Burst (Why Ask Why?)7:20

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    Cover of Valis l - Destruction Of Syntax, 1995, CDValis l - Destruction Of Syntax
    CD, Compilation
    Subharmonic – VCD 4400-2US1995US1995
    Cover of Valis l - Destruction Of Syntax, 2000, FileValis l - Destruction Of Syntax
    13×File, MP3, Compilation, Reissue, 128 kbps
    Subharmonic – none20002000
    Cover of Valis l - Destruction Of Syntax, 2016-12-04, FileValis l - Destruction Of Syntax
    13×File, ALAC, Compilation, Reissue
    Not On Label (Bill Laswell Self-Released) – noneUS2016US2016


    • serpico009's avatar
      Edited 11 years ago
      A collection of dark, sinister illbient and ambient cuts from most of the big pushers of the sound circa 1995. First two tracs are ace and there's some great dialog snippets from Carlito's Way in there. "Ex Machina" takes awhile to get going but it's a solid contribution from the Laswell camp.

      The highlight here for me is "Quark Soup", which is one of the strongest tracks in WE's catalog and, criminally, was never pressed up on wax. Far as I know the only other place it appears is on DJ Spooky's Necropolis mix CD. A sample of someone sneezing and bass drops deeper than the Grand Canyon for the win!

      The DJ Spooky stuff here is kind of weak; "Nasty Data Burst" in particular is some pretty aimless, academic, musique concrete wankery. It reminds of the time I saw him live in Philly, where he got drunk on red wine and kept triggering his trademark "dropping bomb" sound every 15 seconds regardless of context.

      This CD and the Asphodel collection "Incursions In Illbient" are highly recommended if this is a sound you're into.

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