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September 15, 2013
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This CD & DVD doesn't age at all, what a collection of tracks!

Various - !K7150 as reviewed by crazyaejay

January 2, 2007
edited over 7 years ago
referencing !K7150, 2xCD, Comp, !K7150 CD
This compilation is very impressive. I bought it for the couple of tracks that I recognized thinking that the others will be similar. I could not have been more wrong. Most tracks on this compilation are extremely diverse, but they are mostly very solid tunes.

My favourite track is Gute Laune by Tosca because it is one of those tracks that is simple yet contains so much emotion in a relaxed way. It is brilliant and one of my favourite tunes of all time. The jamaican style vocals sung deeply and fluently mixed with low-key melodic flute notes, echoing percussion, funky laidback bass, chilled keyboards and simple snare fills makes for a brilliantly layered track filled with joy and melody in a simple relaxing ambience. A track like this would make anyone want to close their eyes and let their mind leave the room.

Other favourites are Vikter Duplaix' sexy Sensuality, Nick Holder's upbeat Sometimes I'm Blue, DJ Hell's fucked up remix of Do It Like A Robot by Princess Superstar, Recloose's smooth I Can't Take It (with it's great usage of hip hop samples and scratches), Ghost Cauldron's electro-house track Vortex and Terranova's abstract hip hop trip Sublime.

This compilation is perfect for anybody that loves to experience a wide variety of sounds, especially those that you probably have never heard before. Great stuff.

Various - !K7150 as reviewed by rakimou

October 20, 2004
edited over 13 years ago
referencing !K7150, 4x12", Album, Comp, Ltd + Box, !K7150LP

This compilation offers you a good overview of what you can find on this excellent, independant label !K7. It goes from weird stuffs like the Funstorung remix of JJ. Johanson, or the dub reprise by Earl Zinger of Blur - Song n°2, to softer material with Smith & Mighty, A Guy Called Gerald or Herbert. Plus few songs for the dancefloor: Tiga - Hot in Herre, Ghost Cauldron, or the remix of DM - Behind the Wheel.
This box is also the occasion to get great songs you've missed at their release, like Herbert - Suddenly or Nick Holder - Sometimes I'm Blue.
If you're not looking for one style in particular, and accept to move from one to others you'll like this box.