Newcastle Big BandNewcastle Big Band

Style:Big Band


Adam's Apple5:41
MacArthur Park6:38
Li'l Darlin'6:07
Hey Jude6:55
Mercy, Mercy8:42
Trane Ride6:00
Love For Sale4:26
Better Get It In Your Soul6:25

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    Cover of Newcastle Big Band, 1972, VinylNewcastle Big Band
    Impulse Organisation – IS-NBB-106UK1972UK1972
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    Cover of Newcastle Big Band, 1972, VinylNewcastle Big Band
    LP, Stereo
    Wudwink – IS-NBB-106UK1972UK1972
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    Cover of Newcastle Big Band, 2007, CDNewcastle Big Band
    CD, Album, Reissue, Unofficial Release
    Viva La Hop – VIVA006Sweden2007Sweden2007
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      Actually, there could have been as few as 200 copies of this made. I have conflicting accounts. Either 50 of the white label and 150 of the printed label, or 200 of the white label and 300 of the printed label. Not sure which is correct, so suffice it to say that I believe between 200 - 500 were made. But not a couple thousand.
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        The reported 2,000 copies above seems overstated by a factor of 4. I believe there were a total of 500 copies across both different varieties of this album.
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          Edited 9 years ago
          Two distinctly different "varieties" of this record exist. The sleeve is the same on both, but the circular label on the 2 varieties differs. The first is white with a rubber-stamped marking on it that identifies it as Newcastle Big Band. The other variety, presumably printed later on, has typed writing and the record label markings on it, instead of just being white with the rubber-stamping.

          Also, the record label was not "Impulse Organisation." It was on the WUDWINK label which was a bit of a joke title created between Sting and David Wood, the owner of Impulse Sound Studios, where it was recorded.

          Incidentally, I am fortunate to have had one of my copies not only signed by Sting as "Sting" on the sleeve's cover, but also as "Gordon Sumner" on the back, just as he is listed in the personnel.

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