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Manhattan Research, Inc. Copyright0:11
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (Instrumental, Take 4)1:14
Bendix 1: "The Tomorrow People"1:06
The Bass-Line Generator3:10
"Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night!"1:44
"B.C. 1675" (The "Gillette" Conga Drum Jingle)3:16
Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful (Instrumental)0:47
Sprite "Melonball Bounce" (Instrumental)1:01
Sprite "Melonball Bounce"0:59
"Wheels That Go"0:50
"Limbo: The Organized Mind"4:33
"Portofino" 12:13
County Fair1:01
Lady Gaylord1:02
Good Air (Take 7)0:38
IBM MT/ST: "The Paperwork Explosion"4:31
Super Cheer0:34
Cheer: Revision 3 (New Backgrounds)0:39
"Twilight In Turkey"1:32
Raymond Scott Quote0:55
Vicks: Medicated Cough Drops0:41
Vicks: Formula 440:46
Auto-Lite: Spark Plugs1:00
"Backwards Overload"6:04
Bufferin: "Memories" (Original)0:59
Bandito The Bongo Artist1:30
Night And Day1:45
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. ("395")1:07
IBM Probe1:56
GMGM 1A1:49
The Rhythm Modulator3:37
Ohio Plus0:17
"In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen"0:49
General Motors: Futurama1:04
"Portofino" 22:14
"The Wild Piece" (a.k.a. "String Piece")4:07
"Take Me To Your Violin Teacher"1:40
"Ripples" (Original Soundtrack)0:59
Cyclic Bit1:04
"Ripples" (Montage)4:06
The Wing Thing1:00
County Fair (Instrumental)1:00
"Cindy Electronium"1:59
"Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night!" (Instrumental)1:45
Hostess: Twinkies0:32
Hostess: Twinkies (Instrumental)0:32
Ohio Bell: Thermo Fax0:24
"The Pygmy Taxi Corporation"7:11
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (Announce Copy, Take 1)0:29
Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.0:44
Lightworks (Slow)1:40
"The Paperwork Explosion" (Instrumental)3:39
Auto-Lite: Ford Family1:03
Auto-Lite: Ford Family (Instrumental)0:54
Raymond Scott Quote0:27
Auto-Lite: "Wheels"1:23
Bufferin: "Memories" (Demo)0:40
"Space Mystery" (Montage)5:11
"The Toy Trumpet"2:15
"Backward Beeps"1:05
Raymond Scott Quote0:35
Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful1:01
Lightworks (Instrumental)1:29
"When Will It End?"3:14
Bendix 2: "The Tomorrow People"1:03
Electronic Audio Logos, Inc.5:23

Credits (14)


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5 versions
Cover of Manhattan Research Inc., 2000, CDManhattan Research Inc.
Basta – 30-9078-2, Basta – 90782Netherlands2000Netherlands2000
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Cover of Manhattan Research Inc., 2001, VinylManhattan Research Inc.
Basta – 30-9045-1Netherlands2001Netherlands2001
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Cover of Manhattan Research Inc., 2017-03-30, VinylManhattan Research Inc.
3×LP, Limited Edition, Numbered
Red, White, Blue, 180 gram
Music On Vinyl – MOVLP1855Europe2017Europe2017
Recently Edited
Cover of Manhattan Research Inc., 2017, VinylManhattan Research Inc.
3×LP, Reissue
180 gram
Music On Vinyl – MOVLP1855Netherlands2017Netherlands2017
New Submission
Cover of Manhattan Research Inc., 2021-03-12, VinylManhattan Research Inc.
3×LP, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
180 gram, transparent vinyl
Music On Vinyl – MOVLP1855Netherlands2021Netherlands2021
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JAMOOL's avatar
yea something isn't right here, my copy is the 2017 version but it's on clear vinyl. actually my copy looks all scratched up on the first LP but it must've been something with how it was manufactured...the record itself is dead quiet
N.J.S's avatar
I bought a copy today, it sounds awesome, but it was from Music on Vinyl and standard black vinyl. Not on red, white, and blue. Anyone have insight? That version is not listed here.
daftcombo's avatar
I just purchased the Music On Vinyl re-issue. The sound is good. I would like to know how the sound is on the Basta 2001 press though. Did anybody make the comparison?
SergioCocco's avatar
some tracks sound like Max Headroom ?! excellent quirky (vintage) Electronic sounds...
MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
Raymond Scott ‎– Manhattan Research Inc. How would I explain this lp?... it's like a mixture of Ken Nordine, Aphex Twin and The Residents BUT it's not because it's the genius of Raymond Scott !
Oldskeefool88's avatar
Just love these crazy adverts with bleeping analogue squelching melodies.
A sound stealing paradise.