Heiko VossI Think About You (Geiger Mix)5:01
Richard DavisBring Me Closer6:22
WestBam And Nena (20)Oldschool, Baby (Piano Mix)5:05
Richard DavisIn The Air (Further's Acid Relapse Edit)7:53
Robag Wruhme And Wighnomy BrothersKillerteppich4:34
Thomas SchaebenBusted4:10
Villalobos*Easy Lee7:15
Magnet (3)Abendstern6:36
M83 And Benoit Villeneuve*Run Into Flowers (Jackson Remix)5:03
Thomas Schaeben And Geiger (3) Ft Schad PrivatReally Real5:19
Le Dust SuckerLove Me5:39
Heiko VossI Think About You (Original Mix)4:45

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    Cover of Fabric 13, 2003-11-03, CDFabric 13
    CD, Mixed
    Fabric (2) – Fabric25UK2003UK2003
    Cover of Fabric 13, 2003-11-03, CDFabric 13
    CD, Mixed, Promo, Cardboard Sleeve
    Fabric (2) – Fabric25PUK2003UK2003
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    Cover of Fabric 13, , CDFabric 13
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    Fabric (2) – Fabric25UKUK
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    • STARK's avatar
      Love this mix so much. Heard it first playing in Rhythm & Soul record shop, Greville Street, circa '03. Pricked my ears big time. Loved it ever since.
      • eltigreferoz's avatar
        I've listened to this mix probably at least once a month since it was first released. It's that great; even better than his Immer series IMO. Never gets old. The plane taking off in the first track gets me pumped every single time. I constantly return to the Fabric series and have yet to find this sessions' equal.

        On a redundant side note (this is Discogs after all!): shame it hasn't been reissued--with other early sessions in this series--on vinyl by the Fabric team.
        • marsl2's avatar
          one of my favorite mix and the best of fabric series. It made me discover Richard Davis and Kompakt. Rendez vous with Superpitcher's "today" !
          • jiggawhat's avatar
            Edited 12 years ago
            As other reviewers have mentioned, its not quite standard Michael Mayer fare, but it is a very welcome change of direction. The tech house tracks featured in this mix are melodic yet still genuine. If I could describe this mix in word, it would be 'musical'. It's more of a listening mix than a dance/club mix, and as a result, there are quite a few vocals. An outstanding Fabric mix that is well worth the listen ten years later.
            • Putyrhandsup's avatar
              Edited 18 years ago
              I almost don't see the point in commenting on this cd, but I feel I should just to mention the fact that it features, both Superpitcher's 'Mushroom' and the amazing Jackson mix of M83. Any mix featuring these would undoubtably be golden but Michael Mayer's is for me not only the best Fabric mix ever but also my favourite mix album, a true work of perfectly balanced techno craftsmanship, it glides, it soars it undulates, it touches you in those special places you only touch yourself at night...and you will love it for it.
              • cmdrdeathguts's avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                Not as minimal as you might expect from Kompakt head honcho and all-round ultra-now scene god Mayer. Both mixes of I Think About You, and Richard Davis' superlative Bring Me Closer, are chunky and lush, with the cleverness lurking in the background for those who wish to seek it out. In fact, the more stripped down tracks here are the ones that tend to fail - Villalobos' offering in particular is gimmicky and goes nowhere. Overall, though, a very satisfying mix, which might have been the best Fabric at the time or its release, although I feel subsequent offerings from Akufen and High Contrast have edged it out at this stage.
                • chrismac's avatar
                  In my humble-esque opinion, the finest of all the Fabric compilations. Minimal yet rich, dark yet uplifting, sleazy yet classy. Check 'Easy Lee' and 'Run Into Flowers' for two pieces of sheer electronic genius. Also, a real trainspotter moment when Nina (of killion zillion selling '99 red baloons' fame) chips in with a great vocal performance on Mayer's mix of Westbam's 'Old Skool Baby'. A timeless mix album.
                  • bumbaclaat's avatar
                    Easily the best fabric mix so far, when I first put this on I wa amazing and the style and grace of the mix, technically this won't blow you away, but that is not the point is it? MM has opened my ears to a lot of German labels that I had never heard of before. If you dislike the hegmony of commerical dance music, then you should buy this.

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