VariousBlue Skied An' Clear (A Morr Music Compilation)


Future 3Alison3:13
Lali Puna40 Days3:52
Ulrich SchnaussCrazy For You6:31
B. Fleischmann & Ms. John SodaHere She Comes4:24
LimpSouvlaki Space Station5:19
SolventWhen The Sun Hits3:59
SkanfromHere She Comes2:31
ISANCelia's Dream4:42
KomëitWhen The Sun Hits3:04
ManualBlue Skied An' Clear5:32
Herrmann & KleineDagger4:43
múmMachine Gun3:50
ManualSummer Haze5:11
ISANMy Last Journey (Weather Balloon)5:56
GuitarHouse Full Of Time4:46
Ulrich SchnaussWherever You Are6:38
StyrofoamFade Out Your Eyes5:25
Future 3Stuff3:50
SolventDiscontinued Parts (Instrumental Mix)4:02
Herrmann & KleineLeaving You Behind (Without Knowing Where To Go)6:32
B. FleischmannTake A Day Off5:56
Icebreaker International & ManualInto Forever5:06
KomëitSame, Same4:03
Ms. John SodaSolid Ground3:27
LimpSilent Running4:34

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A tribute to shoegaze band Slowdive, containing covers and songs inspired by their music.


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    Cover of Blue Skied An' Clear (A Morr Music Compilation), 2002-08-26, CDBlue Skied An' Clear (A Morr Music Compilation)
    2×CD, Compilation
    Morr Music – MM030CDGermany2002Germany2002
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    Cover of Blue Skied An' Clear A Morr Music Compilation, 2002-08-26, VinylBlue Skied An' Clear A Morr Music Compilation
    3×LP, Compilation
    Morr Music – MM 030Germany2002Germany2002
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    Cover of A Morr Music Tour, 2002, CDA Morr Music Tour
    CD, Compilation
    Morr Music – noneGermany2002Germany2002
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    Blue Skied An' Clear
    2×CD, Compilation
    Third Ear Recordings – 3ECD-008Japan2002Japan2002
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    Cover of Blue Skied An' Clear (A Morr Music Compilation), , FileBlue Skied An' Clear (A Morr Music Compilation)
    28×File, FLAC, Compilation
    Morr Music – MORR 030DCDGermanyGermany
    New Submission
    Cover of Blue Skied An' Clear A Morr Music Compilation, , CDrBlue Skied An' Clear A Morr Music Compilation
    2×CDr, Compilation, Unofficial Release
    Morr Music (2) – MM 030RussiaRussia
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    • errorsinspace's avatar
      An awesome overall and legendary project. To get this many fantastic artists to come together to honor and rework and re-interpret these Slowdive classics is truly amazing. Funnily enough, I didn't know of Slowdive till I heard this compilation. I just thought it was some great music from various artists on a compilation from a label I was really into in 2002. Perhaps a year later, I looked into these songs a bit more and read the cover a bit more and figured it out. lol. Fast Forward about 15 years and my brother who had recently since become a big fan, asked me if I wanted to go see them on their comeback tour in support of their new album. I think this is the only band I have ever found from a tribute cd and then later saw them live. Which was a great show btw for anyone seeing their 2017 tour. Anyways, This compilation is an all time favorite and naturally, I like it better in many ways to the music it was honoring. That's saying something about this comp.
      • Freddyfreshsales's avatar
        I cannot say enough positive things about this mesmerizing journey into what I consider some of the best electronica ever released to the human race. It is just that good and the tracks are much more than songs they are epic soundscapes that have more soul than some of the rarest soul 45s on the planet. To this day I get tears in my eyes when I hear the depth composed on songs like Summer Haze or Soulvaki Space Station. I have yet to discover many songs in this category and I listen to thousands of records (literally) each month. These guys raised the bar so high on this compilation that it will be darn near impossible to match in overall brilliance
        • rgould's avatar
          Edited 17 years ago
          This album is a fantastic point of entry into the wonderful world of Morr Music, whether or not you are a fan of Slowdive. The tracks that aren't covers are just as good, and in some cases better, than the shoegazer classics that inspired them. There are a couple of killer Ulrich Schnauss tracks on here that none of his fans should be without.
          • maybitmabel's avatar
            The Ulrich Scnauss version of "crazy for you" was used in an advertisement for lucozade. It seems in the commercial they are playing the record at 45 rather than 33 though (though it seems fractionally slower than 45).
            • dexterfeng's avatar
              Releases like this are why Morr Music is a fantastic label and one to really keep an eye out for when it comes to their artists and what they are up to. Connecting the dots effortlessly between pop and electronic musics is a brilliant coup and a signal for things to come.
              I've my own ideas for what should be the focus of some future compilation releases. Sarah Records!!!

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