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    Cover of Io, 1994, CDIo
    CD, Album
    Rising High Records – RSN CD16UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Io, 1994, VinylIo
    2×LP, Album
    Rising High Records – RSN LP 16, Rising High Records – RSN LP16UK1994UK1994
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    • fibreopticcommando's avatar
      As others have pointed out, this is a bit of an underrated badboy on the Rising High label. I've owned this for a while but have recently rediscovered it amidst the current revival/evolution of ambient and, in short, deeper electronic music. I believe it was the announcement of Music from Memory's imminent 90's ambient compilation which reminded me of it. Perfect late-night listening and an interesting and unusual take on this sound from the early 90's.
      • Surrealdreams's avatar
        This LP definitely needs a repress in 2021! It is a timeless ambient masterpiece!
        • Expansive09's avatar
          90s ambient doesn't get better than this. Stripped to the bone a few synths a bass guitar and a little percussion. Pure bliss built on the Eno ambient aesthetic adding a little maybe 4AD darkness but never gloomy. No this isnt genre defying electronic just honest to goodness simplicity for simplicity sake. No vocals pure chill-out for evening listening. So glad to have obtained a copy in the 90s!
          • snows_ov_gethen's avatar
            Edited 3 years ago
            How is Astral Industries not making a move to reissue this? Would fit their catalogue like a glove.
            • incuswetrust's avatar
              Edited 8 years ago
              Unheralded and little known gem from the Rising High label. Sweeping drones overlap and resonate with each other with that 90's sound that we all love. Don't be put off by the cover art, it really is worth seeking out. Surprisingly cheap too, at the moment. Unlike a lot of Ambient release that are swamping the rather overwhelming examples of the genre, this has a lot to say and says it in a seductive and enthralling brogue. 1994 was a golden year for Ambient material, and this is up there with the very best.
              • JeanMarcD's avatar
                <B>Io</B> is a very reserved album that quietly awaits to be discovered, and will pass by unnoticed many times, unless you are ready to give it some of your time. This is a quality many Eno albums have and it makes <B>Io</B> such a beautiful grower, ultimately bringing you divine calmness.

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