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Other Side
Lust (Remix By Rabbit In The Moon)9:57
This Side
Lust (Remix By Oliver Lieb)8:53
Lust (Remix By Art Of Trance)6:44

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    Cover of Lust Remixes, 1994-05-23, VinylLust Remixes
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Guerilla – GSPS 001UK1994UK1994
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    Cover of Lust Remixes, 1994-01-18, VinylLust Remixes
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Superstition – SUPERSTITION 2009 RGermany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Lust, 1994, CDLust
    CD, Single
    Urban – 855 833-2Germany1994Germany1994
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    Cover of Lust, 1994, VinylLust
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Stereo
    Boy Records (4) – BOY-255Spain1994Spain1994
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    Cover of Lust, 1998, VinylLust
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM
    Silver Planet Recordings – SILVER014UK1998UK1998
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    Cover of Lust, 1998, VinylLust
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, White Label
    Silver Planet Recordings – SILVER014UK1998UK1998
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    Cover of Lust (1999 Remixes), 1999, VinylLust (1999 Remixes)
    Silver Planet Recordings – SILVER014XUK1999UK1999
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    Cover of Lust Remixes, , FileLust Remixes
    2×File, WAV
    Guerilla – GRSPS 001UKUK
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    • 808-MAN's avatar
      Art Of Trance is a wicked mix. Human Chorus in the background turns this mix into a techno trance masterpiece. Up there with Sourmash-Pilgrimage To Paradise Barrel Beat Mix.
      • Jadizm's avatar
        Pretty sure if Humate did a remix, especially in 1994, it would of blown them all away.
        • Jarren's avatar
          It's all about the Art Of Trance remix. Using a similar bassline to his Union Jack mix of Vicious Circles, along with razor sharp hi-hats and that typical Platipus attention to detail, this remix still stands strong.

          The Rabbit In The Moon remix is far too busy for my taste, especially going full on breakbeat for half of the track. As a Trance DJ I occasionally start my mix off with a breakbeat track, but this would spoil the flow if thrown in halfway through (it's far too intense to use as a start track).

          As for the original, it has a slow beginning, kicks in with a polite "hello" before going mental at the end (with no satisfactory conclusion).

          So yeah. The Art Of Trance remix wins.
          • Aminoacido's avatar
            Edited 5 years ago
            For me the Art of Trance remix is the best of them, absolutely trip from the begining to the end. Although, rabbit in the moon version has a very exciting instrumental part. I think that both are better than the original version one (maybe some trance lovers will disappoint with me...)
            • Wizhard's avatar
              What to say ? The Rabbit in the Moon version is an elegy to a grandiloquent trance vision, mixing breakbeat, acid & psycheledic elements with uplifting cinematic strings in a liberating effect. An instant spacetrip, classic deep trance !
              I don't really like the Oliver Lieb remix (strangely, because he has made so much classic material) but the Art Of Trance is great too, as said below for bringing depth thanks to his choir part, the original elements fitting perfectly the universe of AOT (so that's maybe why it's the most predictable remix).
              • Weareonenation303's avatar
                Edited 8 years ago
                Good remixes by three very respectable producers. The Rabbit In The Moon Mix is typical psychedelic breakbeat music something you would expect from RITM. At barely 10 minutes, it holds very well and rarely gets boring. Oliver Lieb's Remix is tech-trance, also a sound you expect from Oliver Lieb. I prefer the RITM mix, this doesn't mean Oliver Lieb's mix is bad. His mix has more common trance sounds and breaks aren't extremely common on trance music. The Art Of Trance Mix is also quite good. Perhaps the most predicable of the three remixes. The chorus give this mix a more uplifting feeling. The Remix versions of "Lust" stand up to the original version. Good tracks sometimes get ruined by useless / crappy remixes. This is not the case, all 3 mixes are enjoyable. Fairly easy to find on vinyl / cd. Unfortunately, the CD single released on Urban does not have the Art Of Trance Mix. It however appears on an Australian pressing released on Addiction Records. For the price, definitely a must get for any trance music listener.
                • h4ndcrafted's avatar
                  Rabbit in the moon mix is superb as normal.
                  • h4ndcrafted's avatar
                    Edited 8 years ago
                    Rabbit in the moon remix is excellent as normal on the other 12

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