Psychotropic - Hypnosis LGowland

May 10, 2019
referencing Hypnosis, 12", 02 002
Only just noticed Nick Nicely credited on this classic. I actually only heard of Nick in the last few years through his early 80s debut single 'Hilly Fields', which, rumour has it, features Kate Bush.
I first heard this track as a 13 year old in the 90s. I love how music can connect the dots!

Psychotropic - Hypnosis (Remixes) as reviewed by ztiromecho15

December 12, 2017
referencing Hypnosis (Remixes), 12", 02006
Definitely agree, theguvofwythenshawe2 SL2 Remix is the one here. Tune!
Strangely enough not many other tracks of SL2 live up to this standard for me. Nice blend between obscure and happy

Psychotropic - Hypnosis (Remixes) theguvofwythenshawe2

October 29, 2017
referencing Hypnosis (Remixes), 12", 02006
All about the SL2 Remix for me! Massively played at raves and by Stu Allan on Key 103, Manchester back in the day! <3 <3

Psychotropic - Hypnosis (Remixes) maxheadrush

April 12, 2017
referencing Hypnosis (Remixes), 12", 02006
mine is the same colour as the pic, im assuming this is the rarer blue, or is this supposed to be green ?

Psychotropic - Hypnosis h4ndcrafted

October 9, 2013
referencing Hypnosis, 2x12", CTFAT002

Has a nice fresh press of the original and Coombs isn't shabby at all. Total oldskool classic.

Psychotropic - Hypnosis Johnmarcus

September 19, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
referencing Hypnosis, 12", 02 002

One of my all-time favourite tracks, with its simplistic almost relaxed breakbeat intro followed by that bass-line so unmistakeable, simple and effective with its subtle changes that got everyone dancing as soon as they heard it, Hypnosis builds with further organ riffs that drop in out throughout the track layering on top of each other. A really great tune with a happy vibe that brings back lots of great memories ! One for those hot summer nights, a must have for anyone’s collection !

Psychotropic - Hypnosis djperkins

October 10, 2011
referencing Hypnosis, 12", 02 002
top of the pile...propper old skool roller.

Psychotropic - Hypnosis as reviewed by clarkee

December 3, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
referencing Hypnosis, 12", 02 002

Hypnosis is such a simple track, with just a few key changes and only a few elements. However it is skillfully arranged and thats the key. Soothing at times, haunting at others. The perfect 4am track. Beautiful!

Psychotropic - Hypnosis tangee

December 29, 2018
referencing Hypnosis, 12", 02 002

The Man Like The Dj Clarkee, Your Right What You Say And The Whole Twelve Really Is A Pearler, Those Tunes Did And Still Do Really Mean Something, Psychotropic Produced Some Right Blinders..