LeifDinas Oleu

Leif - Dinas Oleu album cover


Through Noise Pt.13:18
Belief & Experience6:19
Age Of Aquarius6:40
Stutter And Hum5:08
Dinas Oleu5:03
Until Dawn3:40
Through Noise Pt.27:49

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    Cover of Dinas Oleu, 2013-10-29, VinylDinas Oleu
    2×12", Album, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Fear Of Flying – FOFLP2UK2013UK2013
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    Cover of Dinas Oleu, 2013-11-01, CDDinas Oleu
    CD, Album
    Fear Of Flying – FOFCD2UK2013UK2013
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    Cover of Dinas Oleu, 2013-10-30, FileDinas Oleu
    10×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    Fear Of Flying – none20132013
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    • bigfish0802's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      This album ages like wine. I revisited it recently and it sounds even better than it did ten years ago. I'm pretty sure it won't lose anything of its taste in 2033 when you'll give it a spin.
      • Mr_Wynters's avatar
        Incredible LP by one of the UK's finest exports. So glad I picked this up when I did.
        • robertginkgo's avatar
          This may just be my favorite album of the 2010s. Hasn't aged a second since my first listen. "Flight" is one of my most cherished tunes for the dancefloor.
          • denniseckersley's avatar
            Revisited this the other day and man... this album is a stunner.
            • spaghetti-legs's avatar
              wonderful, and terrific
              • techsoul's avatar
                Extremely jazzy vibes all over this stunner of an album.

                Apart from that, "Dinas Oleu" has a very destinctive sound - spacious, mystical, warm and organic. Actually, just take a look at the sundrenched cover photo, which perfectly illustrates the sonic beauty awaiting the listener.

                Finally releasing his debut album after almost ten years of providing tight quality beats with a constant focus on the dancefloor, Leif Knowles surprises us by suddenly broadening his sound spectrum to panoramic widescreen format.

                He combines straight and broken beats, dubby techno goodness, genius bass workouts, a slightly balearic patina, beautiful rhodes chords, minimalistic expressionist synth solos, dreamy vocal snippets and tons of good groove into an extremely mature signature sound which constantly morphs back and forth between its polarities - be it density and spaciousness or highly "natural" and boldly artificial sounds.

                "Dinas Oleu" has an intimate, meditative quality to itself.
                Nothing feels rushed or forced here - calmness reigns, while we observe a constant state of vivid sonic flux without getting attached to it.

                A wonderful album from start to finish.
                Makes me smile in wonder and delight, again and again.
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