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    Cover of Anima, 2001-01-23, CDAnima
    CD, Album
    Mille Plateaux – MP95Germany2001Germany2001
    Cover of Anima, 2001-01-23, VinylAnima
    3×LP, Album
    Mille Plateaux – MP 095 LPGermany2001Germany2001
    Cover of Anima, 2008-05-00, CDAnima
    CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
    Huume – HUUME15Germany2008Germany2008
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    Cover of Anima, 2013-07-23, FileAnima
    File, FLAC, Album
    Not On Label (Vladislav Delay Self-Released) – noneFinland2013Finland2013
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Anima, 2022-03-00, VinylAnima
    2×LP, Album
    KeplarRev – KeplarRev09LPGermany2022Germany2022
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    Cover of Anima, 2022-03-25, FileAnima
    6×File, FLAC, Album, Remastered
    Keplar – noneGermany2022Germany2022
    New Submission
    Cover of Anima, 2022-03-25, FileAnima
    6×File, WAV, Album, Remastered
    Keplar – noneGermany2022Germany2022
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    • Ajapanagamanas's avatar
      Edited 3 days ago
      its not the fact that is all just one big track, its not the fact that the sound design is as intricate (and/or messy) as it could be: both are purposeful elements to this. its the actual melody underlying the whole thing: its dull. the synths are so dumb, they wont never quit, they ruin the glitch experience for me. compare this to what Fennesz did on Endless Summer for crying out loud, album on which there was actual composed melodies underneath the sound manipulations. thats not whats happening here.
      oh and nice surprise film samples at the end, not. what are they about? what do these add to the experience?
      •'s avatar
        Edited one year ago
        Quite possibly the most entrancing strange 60+ min sound collage you'll ever hear, where no section happens twice. Everything seems to fall apart yet it stays coherent somehow, glued by the concept and vision. And that freakin' water splash in the end, he he. My pattern artworks are heavily inspired by this outstanding Finnish musician and this composition out of all in particular. Thank you Sasu.
        • gehenna7's avatar
          Edited one year ago
          I feel like this is one of those "you either get it or you don't" things. Not to say people that don't like it are wrong, but... this is an all time favorite for me, it's so easy to get lost in it. I used to listen to it all the time late at night when I was a teenager. It's crazy how he basically took a simple synth chord progression and turned it into 60 minutes where no two moments sound the same.
          • samo78's avatar
            Edited 13 years ago
            Much in the style as demon tracks, sounds like all tracks are edits of the same-- conceptual, to say the least. No club material; simply beautiful. Also, heavy on the bass, less of the glitch-tech material put out by this label at the time. Listen to it all or pick your favorite track, it's music that's electronic in nature but organic and interesting all the same. Too complex to be overlooked from his other material, I think it took some balls to make it, sort of a shift from his well received previous work (at the time) and into a more exploratory realm. An inspiring album of things to come.
            • moochach's avatar
              Edited 17 years ago
              i think this album is stunning. the artist has made melody redundant; the chords are just a bed on which sounds and textures can play. ive never heard a record so arhythmic and yet so grooveladen. as i understand it this is not a ambient record - it is one of the most out-there dance records ever made.
              • ----'s avatar
                Edited 18 years ago
                Hey, it's not that bad. Being a basic channel but i bought on release but didn't listen to it much after initially being disappointed...

                But i went back to Anima recently and got much more out of it. Perhaps I've matured?

                The basic elements of the tracks meander in and out of the mix and although formless instill a soothing and deeply emotional state of mind. A touching pastiche of ambience.
                • thezovietdada's avatar
                  Edited 18 years ago
                  Absolutely stunning work, certainly Ripatti's best work, and one of my favorite albums of all time. Yet it isn't for the uninitiated nor particularly casual (or completely awake) listening. Invokes the inherent disorder of the urban landscape, but in a completely idealized way, with a drifting soundscape of clean, bubbling sounds with a soft jazz (but by no means kitschy smooth jazz) backdrop. The cover says it all, a digitization of smooth yet chaotic modern sculpture and minimalist design.
                  • Stoffeler10's avatar
                    Edited 19 years ago
                    The good news at the beginning :
                    This record has got a beautiful cover art work ! Really.

                    But as you all know: Never judge a record by its cover.
                    Especially this LP will disappoint all your expectations.
                    Because it`s a ripp-off from start to finish.
                    Perhaps you think that this is a conceptional art thing, huh ? Sorry, completely wrong !
                    This is pure parody - thats all it is.
                    Mr. Ripatti ´s musical effusions - minimal variations of basically the same sounds on 3x12" (!!) make me laugh. This is not clicks+cuts (or how you call it) - this is plinky plong.
                    Just a poor joke by somebody who knows (and did !) better.
                    • ----'s avatar
                      Edited 19 years ago
                      Sorry, I got a bit bored listening to this. The pastiche sets a beautful mood initially but stretched over 60 minutes it loses it's edge. There is no development at all as the album is more a meandering soundscape and whilst this wouldn't be a problem for 1 song, after 60 minutes you're left wondering what you spent your money on. Check early Chain reaction stuff, or the new Demo(n) tracks for something more substantial, and cutting edge...
                      • berusplants's avatar
                        An hour of nice sound. Maybe stretching it a bit to call it music.
                        Half tunes and echos of suggested rhythms bubble up here and there. But nice sound it truely is, attention paid to every click and clump and thum and swipe. Ideal to wake up, or fall asleep to. cover art very pretty, and worthy of note. CD version has to be the one to go for so you can let it do its business whilst you do something rather less energetic that changing records.

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