DrexciyaAquatic Invasion

Style:Techno, Electro


The Countdown Has Begun3:04
Sighting In The Abyss2:05

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    Cover of Aquatic Invasion, 1995, VinylAquatic Invasion
    12", 45 RPM
    Underground Resistance – UR-030US1995US1995
    Cover of Aquatic Invasion, 1995, VinylAquatic Invasion
    12", 45 RPM
    Underground Resistance – UR-030US1995US1995
    New Submission
    Cover of Aquatic Invasion, 2003, VinylAquatic Invasion
    12", Limited Edition, Repress, 45 RPM, Grey, Marbled, Multicoloured
    Underground Resistance – UR-030US2003US2003
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Aquatic Invasion, 2003, VinylAquatic Invasion
    12", 45 RPM, Repress
    Underground Resistance – UR-030US2003US2003
    New Submission



    • drubber77's avatar
      So annoying that they only made Abyss 2mins long. WTF
      • Another_Swede's avatar
        What identifier exist to separate the 2003 light blue/blue repress to 1995 copies? Colour of sleeve isn't the most reliable identifier.
        • mexicalimatt's avatar
          Welcome Aquanaut traveler, this 12" weaponry is of the highest calibre.. handle with care
          • hayleycee's avatar
            Never heard Sighting In The Abyss before, quality
            • radioactivegoat's avatar
              is the white and blue label the original press???
              • DreMwlano's avatar
                Wavejumper...ah man one of the best electro tracks ever... those flourishes are so bright and full and sharp...if you can't breakdance you'll wish you could when you hear this track, haha. Play this with Final Frontier or the original version of Afrogermanic for a slice of Detroit electro heaven.
                • hypogenetic
                  Edited 17 years ago
                  In 1994 I ordered every Drexciya 12" made up until "Aquatic Invasion" sight unseen or heard] from Submerge through Depthcharge Records in York in England. And having, for 12 years, listened to everything from Frontline Assembly to Francois Kervorkian I assumed I could understand and appreciate whatever it was I was opening that cold snowing day in the North of England..

                  I put the needle to record and the intro to 'The Countdown Has Begun" and was absolutely staggered. A definitive moment indeed...and I thought.....

                  Holy Fucking Jello Biafra's Batman!!!
                  This was the sound of the future, pure distilled funk, the truest experiment YET!!!!!, a knockout punch, I was getting right down and thanking God & Jesus, or was it Juan Atkins & Derrick May, for giving us Epic Techno and then...I was left completely speechless by 'Sighting In The Abyss's" beauty warmth and maturity. Then to punch me in the face after being slapped stupid by "Countdown..I flip the record over and actually fell over upon dropping "Wavejumpers". Thank God for The Drexciyan's I say....and I still playing ALL of these tracks in all sorts of environments to whoever[everyone] I feel needs to switch to Drexciyan Time and they STILL freak everyone [Hippies ESPECIALLY] out of their chairs and onto the dancefloors with their stunning ingenuity and absolutely devastating execution & powerfully exotic sonic sounds. One word!

                  • phrasedjs's avatar
                    Edited 18 years ago
                    Wavejumper is IMHO the best Drexciya track ever. I Just cannot get enough of this song. Totally haunting and dark. The intro sends shivers up my spine every time.

                    You must face the power of the black wave of Ladozia,
                    Before you can become a Drexciyan Wavejumper.
                    • JabbaJus's avatar
                      Get in your Ladozian cruiser 8-203X, put your Dhartovean laser disc version of Aquatic Invasion into the machine, crank up the volume and let Drexciya take you on one of their unique journeys into the electro abyss. But be warned, its dark in there........Dark electrotechnofunk doesn't get any better than this. They definitely searched and destroyed with this release.

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