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MarmionBerlin E.P.


Marmions Island (Part 1: The Landing) (To Be Continued...)4:03
The Secret Plant5:10

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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of Berlin E.P., 1993-04-15, VinylBerlin E.P.
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
    Superstition – SUPERSTITION 2004Germany1993Germany1993
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    Cover of Berlin EP, 1993, VinylBerlin EP
    12", EP
    Solid Pleasure – SPLT 12UK1993UK1993
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Berlin EP, 2021-11-26, VinylBerlin EP
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Remastered, Repress
    Superstition – SUPERSTITION 2004Germany2021Germany2021
    New Submission
    Cover of Berlin E.P., , FileBerlin E.P.
    4×File, MP3, EP
    320 kbps
    Superstition – noneGermanyGermany


    • hoozn's avatar
      Bought that one for "Schöneberg", but the other tracks (which I didnt know beforehand) are bery strong, too. Definitely worth the repress
      • 2Styliztik's avatar
        Schöneberg is one of the first underground dance songs I ever heard, back in 1994 it blew me away, so it holds a special place in my heart.

        It starts with a boppy bassline synth and eventually more classic sharp stabs. Slowly, a Trance-y dreamy sound fades into the track, I always found it relaxing, plus another catchy but short stab is introduced. The track pauses suddenly where an ocean wave drenches away with a lovely lingering Pad, and bang, back into the track like nothing happened. One odd aspect, and maybe it was the style at the time, the main breakdown doesn't occur till the last third of the track, fairly late in terms of Techno music. But it's all about that beautiful melody that filled up the dancefloor, anthem status achieved and oh so wonderful! Not an easy song to mix out of since the main melody takes us to the finish line.

        Timeless Trance classic. It's well documented that the Marmion Remix is more popular, I don't blame you if you think it's better then the original, plus the Man With No Name Remix is a Acid Goa Trance monster! I once saw Marmion play live at a Superstition party in 1996, when they dropped Schöneberg, everybody in the place went crazy!! I hope to visit Schöneberg in Berlin at some point in my life.
        • blockage's avatar
          Schöneberg is of those rare cases where the remix is better than the original. The original (this release) is quirky and kind of experimental. The remix on is a mental dance floor eruption of a tune.
          • HANKYDJ's avatar
            Schöneberg is a killer. Makes good use of 'French Kiss' and beefs it up to a sort of trippy Techno/ Trance track. Back from when Trance wasnt such a bad thing. The Secret Plant is also pretty good with a Deep Techno direction almost a tribal element to it.