C Rae* / F McDonald* / G Shury* / R De Souza*Bass Drive0:44
Alan HawkshawFuel Injection2:53
Francis MonkmanNew Technology2:48
Brian BennettThe Prowler1:49
Les Hurdle / Frank RicottiDank1:46
Francis MonkmanDaredevil2:48
Jeremy LubbockSpeedbird1:59
Adrian Baker / Roy MorganIn Close Harmony1:51
Trevor BastowMotion 1-82:16
Irving Martin / Brian DeeSilicone Chip2:33
Irving Martin / Brian DeeMaking The Action3:28
Les Hurdle / Frank RicottiPacewaved1:45
Les Hurdle / Thorir Baldursson*Macrochip2:20
Francis MonkmanCurrent Affairs3:31
Brian BennettDiscovery6:18
Alan HawkshawBeach Journey3:10
Jeremy LubbockFull Blast1:56
Alan HawkshawMini Micro2:48
Irving Martin / Brian DeeEnergy2:04
Irving Martin / Brian DeeAction Underscore2:01
Alan HawkshawSoft Throttle3:02
Francis MonkmanGetting Ready3:51
Bill Campbell (3) / Aaron HarryGalaxy (I’m The Ruler)3:19
James AsherScratch City3:24
Adrian Baker / Roy MorganFreshman1:55
Francis MonkmanThink Big2:07

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    Cover of Presents... Fresh Treasures From The Bruton Archives, 2011, CDPresents... Fresh Treasures From The Bruton Archives
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    Bruton – BR513UK2011UK2011
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    Cover of Nuggets - Volume - 3, 2013-10-00, CDrNuggets - Volume - 3
    CDr, Compilation, Promo
    Lo Recordings – Lo103CDUK2013UK2013
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    Cover of Nuggets - Volume - 3, 2013-11-04, VinylNuggets - Volume - 3
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    CD, Compilation
    Lo Recordings – LO103CDUK2013UK2013
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    Nuggets - Volume - 3
    26×File, FLAC, Compilation
    Lo Recordings – LO103UK2013UK2013
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    • hayhook's avatar
      If you dig these Nuggets comps, check out Mark Pritchard's Harmonic 33 releases.
      • ole049's avatar
        'Macrochip' seems to actually be by Phil Famous from Plastix (Bruton BRH 17) rather than by Les Hurdle/Thorir Baldursson as listed here.
        • phaks's avatar
          I normally doubt those advertising articles, but if they are right:
          (from amazon product information)
          "Packed full of Sci-fi funk jams and truly cosmic disco this was music designed to soundtrack a bright and optimistic early eighties vision of what the future might be. Nuggets Vol. 3 is an invaluable resource for sample spotters, beat diggers and anyone who thinks that it's 2013 and we really should be driving hover cars and disco dancing in orbit round the moon by now."

          I'd like to add that this is an excellent and extraordinary choice of tracks of psychedelic funk, bigband weirdness and plastic space disco. There is also electro acid, peppered by tragic acapellas and drum solos. A real listening pleasure in a world of bumm-bumm-bumm.

          If you know the Nuggets 1&2, this is the incredible, never expected 2013 update. Get it on vinyl!

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