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GTOTip Of The Iceberg


Tip Of The Iceberg5:25
My Father Promised Me A Sword5:00
Hal 90004:04
Pure (Energy)5:38
The Bullfrog (Dataflow Remix)6:03
Listen To The Rhythm Flow (Trance Machine Mix)6:37
Elevation (Troll Mix)6:17
Tropical Beats6:06
Trip Thru' Gravity5:51

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4 versions
Cover of Tip Of The Iceberg, 1993-11-01, CDTip Of The Iceberg
CD, Album
React – REACT CD 28UK1993UK1993
Cover of Tip Of The Iceberg, 1993-11-01, VinylTip Of The Iceberg
2×LP, Album
React – REACT LP 28UK1993UK1993
Cover of Tip Of The Iceberg, 1993-11-01, CassetteTip Of The Iceberg
Cassette, Album
React – REACT MC 28, React – REACT MC28UK1993UK1993
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Cover of Tip Of The Iceberg, 2006-06-03, FileTip Of The Iceberg
12×File, MP3, Album
320 kbps
Dataflow Music – DFLOW012UK2006UK2006
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jony's avatar
Pure (Energy), Listen To The Rhythm Flow (Trance Machine Mix) and Elevation (Troll Mix) are faster mixes than the original 12"s so these mixes here are 15-25 seconds shorter,
iljin1's avatar
This is a fun and classic GTO release. The hidden treasure is The Bullfrog.
hyperreal's avatar
Definitely a good blend of house and techno on this early GTO release. A lot less hard and more accessible than some of their later stuff. Unfortunately it doesn't all stand the test of time well. But Elevation and Pure are still classic milestones in the club scene and shouldn't be missed, plus I still have a soft spot for The Bullfrog after witnessing the club go mental to it!
Edited 17 years ago
My Gemini turntable is automatically set to play 33 and a 1/3 vinyls at the default speed, and only for this record, i have to shift the pitch control back, because Michael and Lee were so generous enough to record the music here at the plain 33rpm setting.

This is my favorite release out of all their albums and aliases...nice and lengthy, a widescreen collection of their experimetations with what we used to call "gabbahouse" on one disc, and the edgy remixes of their classics saved on the other. Many of the songs here represent the mid-point between the "Technohead" project and the early "GTO" stuff. Much more of a complete album then "Love Is Everwhere", the latter to me works better seen as an EP.