LFO ‎– Sheath



Blown 6:02
Mum - Man 3:40
Mokeylips 4:02
Snot 2:55
Moistly 4:12
Unafraid To Linger 4:35
Sleepy Chicken 3:58
Freak 5:03
Mummy, I've Had An Accident.... 5:02
Nevertheless 3:50
'Premacy 3:22

Versions (8)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
WARPCD110 LFO Sheath(CD, Album) Warp Records WARPCD110 UK 2003 Sell This Version
BRC-78 LFO Sheath(CD, Album) Warp Records, Beat Records BRC-78 Japan 2003 Sell This Version
WARPCD110X LFO Sheath(CD, Album, Ltd) Warp Records WARPCD110X UK 2003 Sell This Version
ZZ-03GP0000987 LFO Sheath(CD, Album, Unofficial) J SHP ZZ-03GP0000987 Russia 2003 Sell This Version
WARPMC110P LFO Sheath(Cass, Album, Promo) Warp Records WARPMC110P UK 2003 Sell This Version
WARP LP 110 LFO Sheath(LP, Album) Warp Records WARP LP 110 UK 2003 Sell This Version
BRC-375 LFO Sheath(CD, Album) Warp Records, Beat Records BRC-375 Japan 2013 Sell This Version
none LFO Sheath(Cass, Album, Promo) Warp Records none Germany Unknown Sell This Version


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December 20, 2017
referencing Sheath, LP, Album, WARP LP 110
Mark Bell told in an interview: “This album came about by accident when my friend made a cassette for his car with my stuff on that I’d made over the past seven years,” “I was and am quite happy just making music for myself though when I heard the tape I thought ‘Brilliant, I can give this to Warp and they’ll stop pestering me every two years for new material.”

(A comment posted by lonely-dancer / just below a comment from praxxiz)


January 4, 2015
referencing Sheath, LP, Album, WARP LP 110

to us this abum sounds like lost tapes. to bad mark bell died in october 2014.


February 21, 2014
referencing Sheath, CD, Album, WARPCD110
LFO always had a special way of making techno/electro. The early tracks being more or less boomers with simple lines (what is house), this LP here is very much more sophisticated, many interesting variations of how Techno can sound. Reminds me of Plaid, flickering little melody-loops spreading over driving rhythm machines, fine sampling, mostly cool sounds, a few bleeps. Sometimes very groovy, sometimes close to ambient. When Techno became Electro :-)


November 11, 2007
referencing Sheath, CD, Album, WARPCD110
I bought this album on a whim in a record store in London. I'd been into British techno for a good couple of years and knew, despite not owning any albums by LFO, that they were some of the innovators of the genre. Sheath was the first album I picked up by LFO, and I have to say fans of good old British techno (see Aphex Twin, Black Dog, mid 90s Autechre) will lap this up! Made in 2003 it may not seem like the most innovative record for the time of its release, but it isn't making any pretentions. All it is, is a bit of lovely techno.
The single "Freak" catches you by surprise, and doesn't let go, while the beautiful opening track "Blown" sends you away, preparing you for the journey ahead. "Mummy, I've had an accident" displays Mark Bell's imaginative and exciting drum programming. Sheath also ends with a perfect album closer, "Premacy." With its Boards-esque detuned synths and floaty melodies, a perfect ending is made to a simple-sounding, quite old-school album, but nevertheless is on almost daily rotation in my stereo.


July 13, 2007
edited over 10 years ago
referencing Sheath, LP, Album, WARP LP 110
Nice package, modern record, kicking ass all over with its (non)sympathetic armoury of electronic grooves... But what ultimately killed for better on 'Frequencies' and 'Advance' as logical progressions towards up-to-date technology, 'Sheath' is probably not as intelligent in execution - just an empty demonstration of hi-tech gear.

'Freak', the album's key-single, is one such example - robotic vocals introducing 'this is going to make us freak'; while the first half of the song keeps dynamic beat going, halfway down the middle it is becoming a purpose in itself and as such it is becoming tiresome face-slapping electro, sadly going nowhere (similar situations are experienced on other tracks from the album) - crashing and smashing up the techno-vehicle, 'Sheath' is all - clicks and cuts, a finely produced record but sounds more like it's stuck; song-titles are adding further 'insult to injury' here - what, or who on earth is 'Mum-Man' (?!) or why childish nonsense in 'theme' terms such as 'Mummy I Had an Accident'... the song title might suggest one such horrific situation to sound that informs the listener, but when it comes to instrumentals, either techno-terminology or something as 'poetic' as 'Mummy...' doesn't really work and on 'Sheath' in particular, certain song-names are lacking any inspiration.

All in all, well done LFO but 'Sheath' is mainly for die-hard fans... Respectable but just as forgettable.


October 12, 2004
edited over 13 years ago
referencing Sheath, CD, Album, WARPCD110

Wow, the long-awaited return of LFO. After years of being in the sidelines, Mark Bell finally reclaims his glory as one of the innovators of techno. But the field has changed a lot since his last album, and Bell finds himself mostly up to the task of taking on the youngsters. “Blown” starts off SHEATH on a bright note, an almost music-box feel, but “Mum-Man” quickly returns us to heavier, aggressive techno. “Mokeylips” sends a tentative hello to his bleep ‘n’ bass roots, while “Snot” rocks it out in 5/4 time, and unexpected and startling touch. “Unafraid to Linger” contrasts the low frequency tones with higher notes, bringing the original LFO concept firmly into the present, while “Sleepy Chicken” is a wave-diagram of a dreamer’s REM state. “Freak” is so old-school that it makes you smile just thinking about it. The rhythm-and-strings of “Nevertheless” doesn’t get too repetitive - - you can thank the short running time for that. And the album rounds out with the quiet and contemplative “’Premacy,” a track that shows Bell’s range, if nothing else. LFO is still alive, and don’t blow out your speakers remembering it, either.


June 4, 2004
referencing Sheath, CD, Album, Ltd, WARPCD110X

Honestly i was expecting much more from LFO than this.
there are some good tracks but i think the sound is quite dated, nothing new, nothing fresh, compare to the beautiful ADVANCE this is 10 steps behind.


September 18, 2003
referencing Sheath, Cass, Album, Promo, WARPMC110P

Mum - Charged; Slow, jerky and funky; .................. LFO - Samey?
N-O. This is classic LFO. I could not stand it when people critisised LFO for being 'samey', being one hit wonders or being...
I bought their first release LFO-LFO the first day it was released and as a keen follower of LFO this selection is sometimes a blast from the past and always a revelation.