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Space is a 1990 ambient house concept album by Jimmy Cauty under the alias Space. Originally intended to be The Orb's debut album, Space was refactored for release as a solo album following Cauty's departure from that group. Space was independently released on KLF Communications, the record label formed to distribute the work of Cauty's other project, The KLF.

Space began as a collaboration between Dr. Alex Paterson and Jimmy Cauty, the original line-up of The Orb. It was, according to Cauty's record label KLF Communications, to be The Orb's debut album, but when Cauty left The Orb in early 1990 to concentrate on producing music as The KLF with Bill Drummond, he took the recordings with him. Reworked to remove Paterson's contributions, the album was released on the KLF Communications label, with Cauty alone receiving credit.

According to Cauty, "It was a jam, all done on Oberheim keyboards. Loads of samples... were chucked in there as well. I started on Monday morning and by Friday it was all done".

Space takes the listener on a voyage through the solar system from Mercury outwards, with vast distances of empty space between worlds represented by periods of minimalist ambience and near-silence. Synthesisers, excerpts from classical compositions and nursery rhymes (including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), sinusoidal loops, and communications from space flight controllers are among the sounds used to describe the voyage. This musical interpretation of a physical journey is also a characteristic of the early ambient house recordings The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld and The KLF's Chill Out.

Cauty has called Space "a record for 14-year-old space cadets to go and take acid [to] for the first time".


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    Cover of Space, 1990-07-16, CDSpace
    CD, Album
    KLF Communications – SPACE CD 1UK1990UK1990
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    Cover of Space, 1990-07-16, VinylSpace
    LP, Mixed
    KLF Communications – SPACE LP 1, KLF Communications – SPACE LP1UK1990UK1990
    Cover of Space, 1990, VinylSpace
    LP, Mixed, White Label, Promo
    KLF Communications – SPACE LP 1UK1990UK1990
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    Cover of Space, 1990-07-16, CDSpace
    CD, Album, Mixed, Red
    KLF Communications – SPACE CD 1UK1990UK1990
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    Cover of Space, 1993, CDSpace
    CD, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label (Space (3)) – SPACE CD 1UK1993UK1993
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    Cover of Space, 1995, VinylSpace
    LP, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label (Space (3)) – SPACE LP 1UK1995UK1995
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    LP, Mixed, Unofficial Release, White Label
    Not On Label (Space (3)) – KLF SPACEUKUK
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    Cover of Space, , VinylSpace
    LP, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    KLF Communications (2) – SPACE LP 1NetherlandsNetherlands
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    Cover of Space, , CDSpace
    CD, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label (Space (3)) – SPACE CD1UKUK
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    Cover of Space, , CDrSpace
    CDr, Mixed, Unofficial Release
    KLF Communications (2) – SPACE CD 1RussiaRussia
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    • _ds_dc_'s avatar
      I have a copy with some pops and clicks but no jumps. I've no need for it. Back cover says MADE IN ENGLAND. DISTRIBUTED BY THE CARTEL. And the letters of SPACE on the back are a little square as described
      • Electric--Soul's avatar
        For those who only know the masterpiece "chill out", have a listen to this one because it is even better!
        More than 30 years after it's release it still sounds as good as back in the days!
        • roorookangaroo's avatar
          Edited 6 months ago
          The spirits of Tomita ('Bermuda Triangle') & Frankie Knuckles ('Your Love') loom large over this heavenly, epoch-makimg uber-(meta-?) chillout set. Get the original, well worth it. Mine seems to be a slightly different promo (i.e. regular not white label, plain paper instead of KLF inners, but it does come with the press release, & its also stickered on front cover 'Appearing, Scott Piering, 16 Jul 1990', same as a coupla KLF 12s I have).
          • superwinyle's avatar
            Probably have one copy but it says on the cover Made in UK Distributed by the Cartel
            • purktuline's avatar
              This version is many bootlegs on the market.
              How to identify this version.
              First of all, the label photo is out of focus.
              And the letters of SPACE on the back cover are not smooth and are a little square.
              • bubcentral's avatar
                Edited 2 years ago
                This was originally going to be the first Orb lp. The trio of Alex Patterson, Martin Glover aka Youth and Jimi Cauty worked together on previous outings in early house and trance music styles. This recording was originally Alex and Jimi until Alex decided to go a different direction with the first Orb lp and thus to get a true perspective try mixing these two together.
                For myself I find it a mixed bag. Side 1 very ambient, side 2 more dance orientated. I have the original faxed KLF communications press release if anyone's interested.
                • OCCIDENTAL's avatar
                  Nevermind that you can't buy the unofficial releases here via Discogs. They're garbage pressings. You want the o.g.
                  Easily one of my favorite ambient albums ever. (And the competition is fierce in this category, especially for the early 90s.) Made back when Cauty had a strong Orb connection, and you can hear that more in this album than any other KLF release.
                  How do you not own this already? It's bliss on a black disc.
                  • MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73's avatar
                    Edited 4 years ago
                    Also contains samples from Leo Muller ‎– Bobby And Betty Go To The Moon
                    Plus Snap - The Power!
                    Also, there seems to be an influence from Frankie Knuckles- Your Love, as the keys are fairly similar?
                    And there is an interpretation (the bell sounds) of Fini Tribe*- De Testimony (Collapsing Edit)

                    So a little true story from the vaults of my wonky mind.
                    A mate (the name isn't supplied so as to protect the innocent?) and me.
                    We had just dropped a little something that would make your eyes and ears see and hear a little differently.
                    This album was on the turntable.
                    The lights were switched off and a couple of candles were lit.
                    We were sitting on the edge of my mattress which was on the floor (we weren't hippies honest mannn!).
                    Over our heads, we had a double duvet so we felt like we were inside some kind of space pod.
                    As the ingested substance started to climb up inturn the music started to bob and weave through our brains.
                    It even got to a point where we were part of the music traveling inside this pod to places never heard of and never seen before.
                    What an amazing trip!
                    That was until my dad burst in shouting "Will you turn that fucking racket off! And why have you two got a duvet on your heads? And WHY is there a cigarette nearly about to burn through that tape cassette case!"
                    It was only until then that we realized we hadn't really traveled very far physically (but mentally we had) and the earth suddenly became more real!
                    It turns out I had (in my utter enthusiasm) turned the music up so loud that the neighbors had complained!
                    F**king reality always gets in the way of a sorted trip.
                    Oh well, it was worth it for experiencing such beautifully powerful music!...

                    I've so far worn out two copies of this LP. The original press from 1990 (which I bought from Bluebird Records SoHo) and then the later press (Bought it from HMV in the early 2000's) And now I am onto my third copy!
                    Stunning LP which every time I hear, I hear new sounds within the music.
                    Coupled with KLF- Chillout (that had only come out a couple of months before this release) it sure was exciting times for that acid house ambient experience!
                    Could I go on?
                    But sod that!
                    Let the music and mind speak to each other eh.

                    P.s. Oh and just in case you were thinking what a couple of loose nuts.
                    You are correct! But the cigarette incident isn't as pyromaniac as you think.
                    Just a little oversight maybe whoops!

                    Peace out to the other reviewers as reading your own experiences is as spaced out too ;)
                    • Karan's avatar
                      so where was this reissue actually made available for sale?
                      • MasAmazonas's avatar
                        How does the sound quality compare to the original LP?

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