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    Cover of The Energizer, 1991, VinylThe Energizer
    12", 45 RPM, White Label, Stamped
    Energizer – DP 1UK1991UK1991
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    Cover of The Energizer, 1991, VinylThe Energizer
    12", White Label, Test Pressing, 45 RPM
    Energizer – DP 1UK1991UK1991
    Cover of The Energizer, 2018-11-00, VinylThe Energizer
    12", 45 RPM, Remastered
    Energizer – DP1UK2018UK2018
    New Submission
    Cover of The Energizer, 2019-09-01, VinylThe Energizer
    12", 45 RPM, Reissue, Remastered, White Label
    Energizer – DP1UK2019UK2019
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    • BongoDeelo's avatar
      Phat tracks from the golden era of my personal heaven. So good. I’m nearly crying 😅😅😅
      • OrangeRider's avatar
        Top Buzz Fantasia NYE 1991-92: side B of this 12 is played during that set. It's the highlight in a set full of highlights. And it's taken me until 2017 to ID the tune - Discogs works it's miracles again. 😀
        • Phix75's avatar
          Edited 4 years ago
          Side B is such a tune and one of them stand out tracks that really sucked me in.. as I started to get hooked deeper into the music this is one of them cursor tunes that mark my personal steps at the very start of a musical raving journey..
          • Annash66's avatar
            Track A at 5:38 samples After Dark - Assylum, which is of course Dave Charlesworth also responsible for the mighty rave anthem of Sept 91...'Cardiac'. Track B takes its sound from Cybersonik's Technarchy and Backlash, no bad thing!
            • dj.xray's avatar
              i got this tune when it came out man,i see it the other day when diggin in my crates...ive got a white label with it stamped in pink i think.bad tune man,ive got energiser2 an all.classic vinyl.5/5
              • wainwright's avatar
                just dug my copy out after many years bit battered but still plays ok . unstamped copy rare as hens teeth 1 of ten still a blinding tune its well stood the test of time after all these years so mr charlesworth i salute you think im guna drop this next week at free party in sheffield (aka camaflaged disco )
                • trebor74's avatar
                  Edited 13 years ago
                  How can more than 10 people own this? Is there a repress or mp3 perhaps??
                  • symonpryce's avatar
                    This is one of the hardest and meanest B sides ever produced during the formative years of 'rave' breakbeat. The track is full of dark intentions, with rolling breaks, beeps, and an unforgettable hoover sub-bass line, that howls and twists around the speakers. This was one of the seminal hardcore tunes, played extensively by the likes of Top Buzz and Dj SS, and is unique in being so dark, especially considering the 'piano' era of 1991.

                    Played loudly today, it has lost none of it's potency, and rivals anything that has been produced in the hardcore scene since. An absolute monster, classic track, which no true hardcore aficionado can do without. 10/10
                    • TEKNONUTTER's avatar
                      Edited 11 years ago
                      This for me is the best of the 'Energizer' series. More techno electronic oriented than the rest which are more breakbeat / vocal sample / piano / jungle oriented with a higher BPM.

                      For old skool hardcore techno heads who liked their hardcore hard and where around in 1991; side A consists of a major mish-mash of tunes which were big in the hardcore rave circuit around that period. From The Hypnotist's - House Is Mine & Hardcore U Know The Score, to Human Resource's - Dominator, Smart System's - Tingler & Plastic Jam's - Made In 2 Minutes to Bizarre inc's - Playing With Knives to name a few.

                      Side B on the other hand is a stand alone breakbeat techno track with a serious, dark, buzzing synth sound similar to Cybersonik's "Technarchy", low frequency bassline, neurotic bleeps, harsh stabs and tough, rolling, amen style break - though not that break specifically. And to be perfectly honest, is the clear winner of the two sides for me.

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