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    Cover of Ghettoville, 2014-01-01, CDGhettoville
    CD, Album, Limited Edition
    Beat Records – BRC-403Japan2014Japan2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Ghettoville, 2014-01-00, VinylGhettoville
    Werk Discs – WDNT 006 , Ninja Tune – WDNT 006 UK2014UK2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Ghettoville, 2014-01-27, FileGhettoville
    16×File, Album, MP3
    320 kbps
    Werk Discs – WDNTDNL006, Ninja Tune – WDNTDNL006UK2014UK2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Ghettoville, 2014-01-27, CDGhettoville
    CD, Album
    Werk Discs – WDNT006, Werk Discs – WDNTCD006, Ninja Tune – WDNT006, Ninja Tune – WDNTCD006
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    Cover of Ghettoville, 2014-01-27, FileGhettoville
    16×File, WAV, Album
    Werk Discs – WDNTDNL006W, Ninja Tune – WDNTDNL006WUK2014UK2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Ghettoville, 2014-01-24, FileGhettoville
    16×File, Album, AAC
    Werk Discs – WDNT006, Ninja Tune – WDNT006Europe2014Europe2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Ghettoville, 2014-01-01, CDGhettoville
    CD, Album
    Beat Records – BRC-403Japan2014Japan2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Ghettoville, 2014, CDrGhettoville
    CDr, Promo
    Werk Discs – WDNTCD006PEurope2014Europe2014
    New Submission


    • Cardia1's avatar
      Overall a satisfying release, very dark, original and surreal .
      • salvobeta's avatar
        I really, honestly can't tell if this record is supposed to be 33.3 or 45? I wonder if the digital versions may be wrong? Ah whatever, it's pretty good both speeds.
        • Shaneski75's avatar
          blimey ......that headphone commute review
          • Headphone_Commute's avatar
            Darren Cunningham‘s latest (or is it really last?) offering as Actress is a dense, hazy, and nearly hallucinogenic stroll through the foggy streets of South London, and indeed Cunningham’s abstract interpretation of his mind, titled Ghettoville. Two years ago, Actress released his third full length, R.I.P, putting this character to rest, and now that the image is deceased, how does it feel to be within the cold and dark walls of the void? Perhaps the answer lies in Ghettoville, which, after being properly released by Cunningham’s own Werkdiscs label, gets picked up by Ninja Tune, since its interest piqued in this particular sound with a three-track Silver Cloud EP in 2012.

            The album takes a long time to reveal itself, to sort-of grow on you, like a stubborn weed, choking out the impatient and inept. My first impression of the music was fairly neutral, at times even dipping into the negative scale of appreciation. What exactly is this? What is Cunningham trying to say? The rhythm is gravely beyond any lo-fi aesthetic, hardly resounding through the mono channel of a damaged speaker, at times repeating to no end with a single, seemingly simple beat, sixteen, thirty-two, and sixty-four bars at a time. Did Cunningham just fall asleep behind his drum-machine, or am I just too sober to drop out? Thick layers of hiss, slowed-down hip-hop samples, mired shuffles, dingy atmospheres pulled back into the corners of the stage, as if it’s all coming from within a can, dipped into an aquarium replete with grime.

            Things finally begin to make sense when I give up on trying to decipher the sound—and let the clouds overtake the skies. Darkness sets in, and with the stormy winter weather (you know, the one where you almost wished it already snowed, instead of a sideways freezing rain pummeling your frigid clothes), the sounds of Ghettoville cut through the chilly bones. This isn’t really a brisk stroll through a sunny countryside, but rather a nightly crawl through dank streets where moss consumes decaying cigarettes among the cobblestones and tombs. And as the mind attempts to cling to a particular pattern, deciphering the hidden associations with remnants of London’s dance music, the melodies trail off, stumbling over their unquantised progression, diving below the murky slabs of sediment and debris, barely capable to gasp for air and its sustained life-force.

            Taking off my headphones after this journey feels like I’m peeling off a space suit, and the world gets sucked back into existence with a loud thump, in all its surround-sound glory and always perfect audiophile quality. Some uneasiness still lurks in the background of my mind. Will I take the plunge again? Perhaps. Most likely I will find myself revisiting the streets of Ghettoville on cold and sombre days, to match my inner state of void with Cunningham’s abstruse and complex music. Meanwhile, even if the rumours of putting the Actress project to bed are true, you can keep your ears open for Cunningham’s few side projects. There is also a limited 5LP + 2CD “Black Elephant”-skinned boxset (plus a 40-page artbook) compiling the Hazyville and Ghettovillealbums out on Wekdiscs and Ninja Tune.
            • jmc's avatar
              maybe the sleeve is supposed to get damaged.. like his beautiful damaged soundz..
              • emulsion's avatar
                Having a little trouble wading through all the tracks on here for the solid stuff - but there definitely is some.

                (Some of that is just wrestling with the annoying packaging, I never want to dig out the next record.)
                • Shaneski75's avatar
                  Shrink has mangled the cover because of cut out grrrrrrrr
                  • phaks's avatar
                    some of the tracks sound very fine on 45 rpm. actress playing tricks on us.

                    for my ears the whole sound has got more noise and analogue sounds than before. some interesting vocal experiments. some fine grooves, as always. some drama.

                    3xLP sleeve is horribly impractical !!! large cut-out, thin cardboard. all will be damaged within weeks.

                    And please notice: it's a 2,5 x Vinyl. Side F is empty with a scratched triangle.
                    • Rargh's avatar
                      a real slowburner, the quality of the second half makes up for a bit of a trudging start.

                      the design of the sleeve is also horribly impractical.

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