Killing Joke ‎– In Dub

All editions have the same tracks apart from the vinyl editions, that have an additional DJ mix by Youth on their second CD.


CD 1 Apocalypse Dancehall
This World Hell (Alive & Kicking Dub Youth Remix) 7:25
Money Is Not Our God (Babylon Dub) 5:23
Depth Charge (Pathfinder Dub) 5:18
Corporate Elect (President's "Mustard In The Chalice" Manifesto Dub Mix) 5:07
Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove (Portobello Dub) 6:32
Labyrinth Dub (Dynamics Of Geometry Dub) 5:16
Eighties (Voodoo Dub) 5:50
Love Like Blood (Your Heart Is A Weapon Dub) 7:08
A Sixth Sun (Prophecy Fulfilled Dub) 6:38
The Raven King (Never Grow Old, Forever Now Dub) 7:24
CD 2 Rockers Retroactive
Requiem (A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Mix) 10:24
This World Hell (Cult Of Youth Ambient Samara Dub Mix) 7:31
Pandemonium (A Thread Of Steel In The Suspension Bridge Of Time & Space Mix) 9:19
Exorcism (Vatican Ambient Dub) 7:10
Primobile (Lifer, Kilimanjaro Dub) 5:54
Tomorrow's World (Urban Primitive Dub) 7:06
European Super State (The Orb Vs Youth Remix) (Church Of The Open Sky And Holy Fool Dub) 7:12
Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Mix) 6:19
CD 3 Bonus Tracks
Pole Shift (Perpetual Motion "I've Seen Things You People Would Never Believe" Dub) 8:02
European Super State (Lizard Dub (Emerging From The Ayahuasca Cave) Remix) 5:49
In Cythera (Banda Remix) 7:20
Follow The Leaders (Follow The Dub) 3:58
Democracy (NIN Remix) 7:24
In Cytheria (The Bloody Beetroots Mix) 3:50
Change (Spiral Tribe Mix) 6:39
European Super State (NYC Soundclash Dub) (Piripiri Vs Youth Vs Banda) 4:56
Requiem (Third Party Dub) (The Ultra Rare Last Laugh Mix) 4:53
Killer Dub (Aka Bread & Jam 1979) 5:03


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August 16, 2021
referencing In Dub, 3xLP, Album, none
Please let me know if you have a copy of this and are thinking about selling. Happy to make a good offer for a decent copy. Cheers


June 14, 2021
referencing In Dub, 3xCD, none
From Cadiz Website

Killing Joke - In Dub Rewind (Vol One) - CD
Regular price £12.00
A year in the making.
Curated and mixed by Youth
Liner notes by Youth

1: Requiem A Floating leaf Always Reaches The Sea Remix
2: Turn To Red Nuclear Dub Instrumental
3: Money Is Not Our God Isolator Dub
4: Corporate Elect President's "Mustard In The Chalice" Manifesto Dub Mix
5: This World Hell Cult Of Youth Ambient Samsara Dub
6: Exorcism In Dub Vatican Ambient Mix
7: Tomorrow's World Urban Primitive Dub
8: Pandemonium A Thread Of Steel In The Suspension Bridge Of Time & Space Greg Hunter Dub
9: European Super State J Piri Piri Vs Youth Banda Remix
10: The Raven King Never Grow Old, Forever Now Dub
11: Love Like Blood Your Heart Is A Weapon Dub
12: Eighties Voodoo Dub Mix

P+C 2021 kiLLiNg JoKE


December 26, 2018
referencing In Dub, 3xLP + 2xCD, VAV005

? Why Amazon sold this brand new 3xLP + 2xCD for £11.39 is beyond me.. 😍
Must have been my best buy ever on Amazon 😂😂😂


January 21, 2018
referencing In Dub, 28xFile, MP3, Album, 320, none
Pledgers received an additional bonus dub version of "Turn to Red" as a download only track


January 5, 2017
referencing In Dub, 3xLP, Album, none
My copy has a Malicious Damage Clock stamp on the front as well as the expected.