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    Cover of Sex, 1989, CDSex
    CD, Album
    Spiral Scratch (2) – 0002Australia1989Australia1989
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    Cover of Sex, 1991, CDSex
    CD, Album, Repress
    Spiral Scratch (2) – 0002Australia1991Australia1991
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    Cover of Sex, 1995-07-18, CDSex
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Private Music – 01005 82131 2US1995US1995
    Cover of Sex, 1995, CDSex
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Fish Of Milk – FOM 0000Australia1995Australia1995
    Cover of Sex, 1995, CDSex
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Private Music – 01005 82131 2Taiwan1995Taiwan1995
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    Cover of Sex, 2015-01-12, CDSex
    CD, Album, ReissueDigipak
    Fish Of Milk – FOM 0000Australia2015Australia2015
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    CD, Album, Reissue
    Fish Of Milk – FOM 0000AustraliaAustralia
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    Cover of Sex, , FileSex
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    Not On Label – noneAustraliaAustralia
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    • 2087's avatar
      The Necks - Sex is to jazz as Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4 was to electronic music: a breakthrough underground moment. Cool, steady, thought provoking, ominous, and, yes, as the title suggests, slightly erotic too. Truly a soundtrack for life.
      • octave.octavio's avatar
        This gem should be repressed in vinyle
        This gem should be repressed in vinyle
        • rabadaun's avatar
          someone should press this on vinyl! its time I think...Please!
          • muzicnonstop's avatar
            Best album I've heard in the last 20 years of "ambient" type music, as classic as the best Eno stuff (so much so he started collaborating with them). Can't say enough about this amazing debut. I've played it 50 times, all their stuff is good but this one really stands out for me.
            •'s avatar
              Edited 8 years ago
              precious, precious thing this is.
              "After more than 20 years of playing together, the Necks have honed their art to the point where their concerts are like collective meditations, executed with a Zen-like discipline that paradoxically engenders an extraordinary amount of freedom". The Age
              Couldn't agree more.
              • robob's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                After a hard day's work or a weekend of drug-induced extravaganza, this is the perfect CD to unwind.
                For me it works best on a cold winterday close to a soft knispering fireplace, but during sunset in a hammock at a tropical beach it equally does the trick.
                Are you sitting comfortable? Now prepare yourself for an hour of PURE RELAXATION.
                The track uses a minimal amount of elements from a piano, a bass and different kinds of percussion to create a musical palette which slowly but surely builds by adding a new element at just the right moments.
                It's the ultimate hybrid of JAZZ and AMBIENT an sounds like an improvised JAMsession: by mixing these three words together I hereby invented a brand new musical style >
                this is JAMBIENT !
                One of my alltime favorite chillout CD's, now go buy it!

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