Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sinfonie G-Dur K.318
Zaide: Act 1. Nos. 1-3
Zaide: Act 2. Nos. 4-8
Zaide: Act 3. Nos. 9-12
Zaide: Act 4. Nos. 13-15


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July 22, 2014
referencing Zaide, 2xLP, Box, 6700 097
I have this boxed set that was left by the seller of the home I recently purchased. The box had never been opened. On the back of the box (affixed to the box inside the cellophane wrapping) is a label stating "SAMPLE RECORD - NOT FOR SALE" Warning: He who offers this record for sale infringes copyright. I opened the box to discover the two discs in original wrappers and cushioned between thin foam sheets (that disintegrated upon touch). The box also includes a full libretto and an explanation of why the work was not completed (Mozart was coerced into foregoing this work in favor of a new entry for the National Singspiel - "Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail". In conclusion, this edition of Zaide also includes a final piece (not mentioned in the above edition) - "March in D, K. 335 No. 1 (320a, No. 1) as a concluding number. I don't know if this was an original cast vinyl LP that was pulled in favor of a later edition. Included as part of the label on both sides of each record is written the same warning is affixed to the back side of the boxed collection "SAMPLE RECORD - etc.. Any thoughts on this?