Kid606 ‎– Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You



The Illness (Album Mix) 5:19
Who Wah Kill Sound? 6:30
Andy Warhol Is Dead But We Still Have Hope 1:16
Ecstasy Motherfucker 8:38
Total Recovery Is Possible 6:00
Buckle Up 5:13
If I Had A Happy Place This Would Be It 3:19
Site Specific Sound Installation 0:41
Powerbookfiend 4:07
I Think I'm Alone Now 1:02
Woofer Wrecker 5:06
Parenthood 4:46
The Illness

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August 15, 2019
referencing Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You, CD, Album, Enh, IPC-46
Has anyone noticed that the first track on this lp (The illness) bears a weird similarity to The Prodigys Voodoo people? I think that's why the inner artwork mimics the prodigy artwork on the inner sleeve of the jilted generation lp.
Or maybe it's just me. Play them side by side and tell me what you think.


January 25, 2004
referencing Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You, CD, Album, Enh, IPC-46
The latest 606 album "Kill Sound..." is unlike his last albums, and yet oddly, still the same, in the way that he always builds these very interesting tracks out of other POPular music forms. And thank God for his unique technique, it seems thatr most "underground/indie" artists these days dive right into the world pop music, and justify themselves by saying "hey! we're still underground, no one knows about us yet" as if it changes something. Kid606's method is different; he grabs pop culture as if it were his paint and constructs these interesting peices out of it, to the point where pop is his medium - his art is anything but. Now he returns to play with the rave scene... thank god, dance music need sto be saved every now and again.

"Kill Sound..." kicks off with the track "The Illness" a techno track bordering on some of the sickest DnB you've ever heard. It sets a high energy tone that's very suiting of the album, my only issue with this track is that it ends - leaves you feeling angry that he only used five minutes of your time(the 12" version has an extra minute if it's any consolation)... the rest of the album though gives you a chance to forgive the short lived Illness....

By the end of this album you;ve experienced mad amounts of quality ragga-jungle, booty, techno, gabber, breaks, glitch-hop, noise and everything in between to connect them coherently. It's a drive through cliched rave culture you'll probably enjoy(whether you love the "party" music or hate it).... well done mister 606, I can't wait to see what you;re gonna throw at us next.