Alba - Only Music Survives garyvictor

November 23, 2015
referencing Only Music Survives, 12", MKX 010

This record a few years after it came out, and was still getting nyc club plays was selling for 100.00 USA dollars or more at a record store called decadance in NYC! Now highest less than 25.00 :(. I think its a simply beautiful italo disco masterpiece!

Alba - Only Music Survives poshopping

October 26, 2011
edited over 2 years ago
referencing Only Music Survives, 12", MKX 010
There is so much drama about the vocals of this song.
The question is: who is the singer? Most italo-disco lovers say that Dora Carofiglio (once again) is the real voice and this song being produced by Nicolosi confirm that.
I don't agree at all to this theory: pay attention to the vocal performance and you'll find out that it can't be Dora. Even if hard to believe, I think that Alba provided her own vocals: listen to her during interviews and you can easily spot her voice on this tune.

EDIT: Actually Nicolosi brothers confirmed that this song was sung by Alba last!