Waiting Room3:16
Hired Touch7:09
Lime In Da Coconut9:23
Slap The Back6:59
23 Seconds6:10
Change Your Apesuit7:44
Saturday Night8:40
Peace Offering8:37
Cobblestone Jazz Live At Mondo (Madrid, May 10th, 2007)
Saturday Night5:10
Lime In Da Coconut8:30
Untitled Live Improvisation5:16
Hired Touch6:26
23 Seconds7:23
Slap The Back8:22
Bonus Tracks
Dump Truck11:38
India In Me13:42

Credits (6)


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    Version DetailsData Quality
    Cover of 23 Seconds, 2007-09-00, Vinyl23 Seconds
    3×12", Album, Promo
    Wagon Repair – WAG 031-3LPCanada2007Canada2007
    Cover of 23 Seconds, 2007, CD23 Seconds
    2×CD, Album
    !K7 Records – !K7223CDGermany2007Germany2007
    Recently Edited
    Cover of 23 Seconds, 2007-10-16, Vinyl23 Seconds
    3×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    Wagon Repair – wag031-3LPCanada2007Canada2007
    Recently Edited
    Cover of 23 Seconds, 2007, CD23 Seconds
    2×CD, Album, Promo
    !K7 Records – !K7223CDUS2007US2007
    New Submission
    Cover of 23 Seconds, 2007, CD23 Seconds
    2×CD, Album, Promo
    !K7 Records – !K7223CDGermany2007Germany2007
    New Submission
    Cover of 23 Seconds, 2007-11-28, CD23 Seconds
    2×CD, Album
    !K7 Records – !K7223CDJ, Hostess Entertainment Unlimited – HSE-49094Japan2007Japan2007
    New Submission
    Cover of 23 Seconds, 2007-10-15, File23 Seconds
    19×File, FLAC, Album
    !K7 Records – K7 223CDUK2007UK2007
    New Submission
    Cover of 23 Seconds, 2007-10-15, File23 Seconds
    19×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
    !K7 Records – K7 223CDGermany2007Germany2007
    New Submission



    • The_Corinth's avatar
      Can anyone point me to this 7 minute 'LP edit' version of 'W' uploaded anywhere? Interested in buying this album but the only uploaded versions I can find are either 6 mins or 8 mins 30. Wondering if 7 mins is an incorrect track length entered by a contributor?
      • scoundrel's avatar
        How much tech can a group have in their jazz? On 23 SECONDS, Cobblestone Jazz attempts to find out. After the initial ambience of "Waiting Room," you get the deep tech-house of "Hired Touch" that gains an overlay of flanged tones halfway through. "Lime in the Coconut" is quick and blippy in an off-kilter way that might count as jazz, though I wouldn't go that far yet. "Slap the Back" is where the jazz comes in convincingly with the melodic tones to contrast the phased electronic growl on top, and "PBD" has a quiet sax-like synth that could almost count as well. The title track gets back some funky tech-house, and, really, that's where Cobblestone Jazz's strengths lie. The irrepressible groove of "Change Your Apesuit" and "Saturday Night"; the blip-and-vocoder house of "Peace Offering"; or the solid groove on the closer, "W." The second, mostly live, disc emphasizes their tech side even moreso, but that may simply be the result of creating a seamless mix (though the "Untitled Live Improvisation" naturally has a juicy jazz feel). "Dump Truck," a bonus track, is a nice, long groover that never quite finds its way, while "India in Me" starts off sparse but slowly gathers strength (perhaps too slowly). And while there's little in the track to suggest India, it makes sense, since nothing in the music really suggests cobblestones, either.
        • marchicapitano's avatar
          This album is amazing with tipical wagon repairt sound,I love it very very much,the first cd is album with productions of Cobblestone jazz,the second cd is live set from Madrid and is soo beutifull,the tracks are explosion of innovation of sound.
          Mathew with your friends Tyger and Daniel,they are canadians, have realized a very cool project with analogic and digital stuff,for create a new kind of techno.
          The label are ecletic K7 records from Berlin and is a garancy for this amazing cd.Enjoy it.I love it and Cobblestone jazz is sound and the cover is cool too with strange immage.
          • traxfranz's avatar
            Edited 12 years ago
            This is a true classic. We have some beautiful moments on the album especially "Saturday Night" amazing journey in deep tech sounds with bouncy bass, vocoderized voices and synth texture, it seems to dancing on the moon! other great tracks are "Change Your Ape Suit" and "Waiting Room" in this track we have a stunning modulated synth line that reminds to Pink Floyd's "On The Run" wich is the second track of the epic album "Dark Side Of The Moon" the piece is real smooth jazzy tune, fantastic Fender Rhodes chords and techno feel rhythms. Anyway, Cobblestone Jazz's "23 Seconds" is essential long player!

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