Kevin DrewDarlings

Genre:Rock, Pop


Body Butter
Good Sex
It's Cool
Mexican Aftershow Party
You Gotta Feel It
First In Line
Bullshit Ballad
My God
You In Your Were
You Got Caught
And That's All I Know

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    Cover of Darlings, 2014, CDDarlings
    CD, Album, Promo
    City Slang – SLANG50064PUK & Europe2014UK & Europe2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Darlings, 2014-03-18, VinylDarlings
    LP, Album, Pink Transparent, 180 g
    Arts & Crafts – A&C085USA & Canada2014USA & Canada2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Darlings, 2014-02-00, VinylDarlings
    LP, Limited Edition, Pink
    City Slang – SLANG50064LPGermany2014Germany2014
    Needs Changes
    Cover of Darlings, 2014-03-24, CDDarlings
    CD, Album, Digipak
    City Slang – SLANG50064Europe2014Europe2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Darlings, 2014-03-24, CDDarlings
    CD, Album
    Arts & Crafts – A&C085Canada2014Canada2014
    Cover of Darlings, 2014-03-31, VinylDarlings
    LP, Album
    City Slang – SLANG50064LPUK & Europe2014UK & Europe2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Darlings, 2014-04-09, CDDarlings
    CD, Album, Digipak
    Hostess Entertainment Unlimited – HSE-50097Japan2014Japan2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Darlings, 2014-03-18, CDDarlings
    CD, Album, Digipak
    Create/Control – CC0000223Australia2014Australia2014
    New Submission
    Cover of Darlings, 2014-03-24, CDDarlings
    CD, Album, Jewel case
    Arts & Crafts – A&C085Canada2014Canada2014
    New Submission


    • LeonardoA's avatar
      It was always more colorful, bontst fur, at Kevin Drews strap Broken Social Scene. The Canadian indierocker created there the utmost fun in for its many-headed band to rig with many guest appearances and the most eccentric instruments. The voice of Drew should best get overshadowed, that was the thought behind the band. Point was that with the first success of the Group also came to the fear to lose the momentum. Drew felt responsible to the large group of musicians to maintain financially. He no longer dared to take real risks and that was his creativity in the way. Hence, he in 2014, four years after the last BSS-plate, come up with solo album Darlings. Assisted by a fixed band makes the thirty-something the music in which he himself sense. Unfortunately, Drew musical still no risk, occasionally do his numbers even think of most dreamy U2 or Coldplay-songs. Textual seen differentiates Drew itself though. With sexually suggestive songs, like Good Sex and Body Butter, he puts us again as usual on the wrong leg.
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        Cool I got the signed version. First /100

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