Nice To Meet You6:44
Kurz & Gut (Trancemonstermix)8:18
Zeit Rinnt6:02
Ach, Das Glauben Sie Ja Selber Nicht7:45
Lido Hotel7:32
Teenage Alibi (1st Version)5:42
6 Uhr Morgens5:38
Loom Service (Remastered Edit)5:23
Desaster (Couch Mix) (Remastered Edit)6:11
Starship Trooper0:22

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    Cover of Lido Hotel, 1999-12-00, CDLido Hotel
    CD, Album
    Force Tracks – ft cd 6Germany1999Germany1999
    Cover of Lido Hotel, 1999-12-00, VinylLido Hotel
    Force Tracks – FT 6Germany1999Germany1999
    Cover of Lido Hotel, 2016-05-13, FileLido Hotel
    11×File, FLAC, Album, Remastered
    Ware – none, The Orchard – none20162016
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    • bassandtreble's avatar
      Edited 12 years ago
      In opposition to the review below, imho this release falls nothing short of a great album and a trendsetting work. Although of course Mathias Schaffhåuser did not invent minimal techno, this album paved the way, at the closing of the nineties era, for the minimal craze that was to follow during the early years of the next decade and set the benchmark for much of the Force Tracks later releases, with inspired tunes very different than your average minimal track in its creative use of vocals in tracks full of pop references such as "Nice To Meet You", "Zeit Rint", "Desire" and "Loom Service", while at the same time offering some very good uptempo minimal techno tracks full of soul and personality like "Prost" and "Ach, Das Glauben..." and even some electro-inspired beats in "Lido Hotel" and a midtempo minimal groove in "Teenage Alibi". This is definitely an album to check out for those wishing to go further in their quest for quality minimal electronica.
      • TIM's avatar
        A pretty fair album full of slightly deep and slightly quirky tracks. Nothing outstanding and nothing horrible. Armchair minimal for a quiet get together with friends after a night out. Standout tracks are Desire & Loom Service. Might as well get the cd version because it has more tracks and costs less if you want to buy it. Again, pretty fair stuff here.

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