Larry HeardDance 2000


Cycles Of Ecstacy7:33
I Know That It's You6:12
Saga Of The Evil Queen7:10
And So I Dance6:12
Psychotic Fantasy7:43
Future Step Lesson6:59
Calm To Panic9:56

Credits (3)

  • Larry Heard
    Larry Heard
    Composed By, Engineer, Programmed By [Computer, Synthesizer], Drum Programming, Keyboards [Improvisation], Mixed By
  • Tim Dennen
    Tim D.*
    Lacquer Cut By
  • M (91)
    M (91)
    Plated By


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    Cover of Dance 2000, 1997, CDDance 2000
    CD, Album
    Distance – SUB4845.2Europe1997Europe1997
    Cover of Dance 2000, 1997, VinylDance 2000
    2×LP, Album
    Distance – SUB4845.1UK & Europe1997UK & Europe1997
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    Cover of Dance 2000, 1997, CDDance 2000
    CD, Album
    Distance – Di0732France1997France1997



    • sunshine-recorder's avatar
      Edited one year ago
      Larry Heard landing back on earth after the spaced out sounds of ‘Alien’. Dance 2000 is another wonderful LP of straighter deep house tracks nevertheless still replete with jazzy licks, sweet little loops and perfectly separated elements. There are some particularly stunning moments to be found in the sunrise pads that sweep in on ‘I Know That It’s You’ or the funky forward baseline of ‘Teleportation’. On the C-side ‘And So I Dance’ is a lush descending journey with a skippy jazzy lilt. ‘Future Step Lesson’ is beautifully stripped back and austere and very slightly menacing but with a meticulous approach to house music composition. A jewel among some of the great dance music long players Distance released in the late 90s!
      • truepeoples's avatar
        Larry Heard never disapoint you. Simple the best deep housing dj
        • curtismayfield's avatar
          This is an awesome LP. Psychotic Fantasy sound like Gherkin Jerks stuff.
          • kentandrew's avatar
            Edited 17 years ago
            Cycles of Ecstasy has to be the best track here, due to its simplicity and effectiveness. I don't know if it is just me, but the audio quality is terrible. When I first bought the CD, I returned it, saying that I heard a lot of scratching. It seems to be the case with every CD.

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