Altern 8Overload EP

Style:House, Techno, Bleep


Other Side
Move My Body5:13
Depth Of Sound4:58
Return To Techno City5:29
This Side
Passion Devotion5:35
Reel Time Status4:48

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    Cover of Overload EP, 1990, VinylOverload EP
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
    Network Records – NWKT 10UK1990UK1990
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    Cover of Overload, 1990, VinylOverload
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
    Network Records – NWKT 10UK1990UK1990
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Overload EP, 1990, VinylOverload EP
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
    Network Records – NWKT 10UK1990UK1990
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    • dj_jasonb's avatar
      Desperately needs to be made available to download in this day and age. We can still hope I guess.
      • Johnmarcus's avatar
        Lovely EP - kind of feels like a transformation from Nexus 21 too Altern 8, as it leans closer to the Detroit sound, rather than the rave sound of Altern 8. Really worth a listen and some of the tracks still sound great today.
        • jam1's avatar
          Great ep! With it's cheeky remix of Cybotron's Techno City, to the equally body poppin' Reel Time Status! And a quality pressing too seeing as it had four tunes a side.
          • jondavey's avatar
            All these comments and nobody touches on the genius that is 'Move My Body' ! Shame on you guys. There's something timeless about it...that's all I'm going to say.
            • johnnybrookes70's avatar
              Edited 4 years ago
              brilliant E.P The stand out tracks for me are "Move My Body" & "Reel Time Status" definitely worthy of a place in any house enthusiasts collection
              • 8892sales's avatar
                Since everyone has already contributed in detail regarding this whole release, I'll be concentrating on a single track, namely, Destiny. A cross between Detroit influenced electro techno but with Belgian style new beat synth riffs. Quite unlike anything they've produced before or since under both the Nexus 21 or Altern 8 guises.
                • OvoidMover's avatar
                  important early scene pioneer stuff. thrashed on those early tapes one owns
                  • randyj's avatar
                    This record should go for insanely more amounts of cash - a masterpiece in a specific transition of Detroit meets UK sound - a very distinct slab of wax - from the mighty Altern 8 - timeless and deep and amazingly raw and perfect - one of my favorite records of all time - big ups Altern 8
                    • djpepsi's avatar
                      Edited 17 years ago
                      Apparently these tracks were written using left over studio time, what a bonus!
                      • macgregor's avatar
                        A brilliant masterpiece record which confirmed Altern 8’s ability to create original and advanced electronic dance music. Clearly influenced by the original US / Detroit blueprint, Overload is a response to the incoming pioneering music that was leaking from the US to the UK and vice versa at the time. Destiny and Techno City are seminal favourites that link directly to Cybertron – Clear and Cosmic Cars. Although this EP smells of Juan Atkins’ it’s distinctively different. Reel Time Statue uses a typical Detroit 101 baseline and Maurice Joshua stab, but it’s the additional Chic sample and breakbeat that give this tune it’s devastating dance floor effect. Overload exemplifies the UK advancing the US Detroit blue print, and should be considered when evaluating the influence UK records had in accelerating the Acid House / Techno revolution.

                        Welcome to Techno City – I bet.

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