FirewireA Tribute To The Manzini


Open Ur Eyes
No One There
4 Ever
The Driver Is The Soul And The Body Is The Motor
No Exit
Every Day

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    Cover of A Tribute To The Manzini, 2004-04-19, CDA Tribute To The Manzini
    CD, Mini-Album
    City Centre Offices – block cd 020UK2004UK2004
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    Cover of A Tribute To The Manzini, 2004-04-19, VinylA Tribute To The Manzini
    12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Mini-Album
    City Centre Offices – block 020Germany2004Germany2004
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    Cover of A Tribute To The Manzini, 2004, CDA Tribute To The Manzini
    CD, Mini-Album, Promo
    City Centre Offices – block cd 020, City Centre Offices – block cd 20Europe2004Europe2004
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      This short album on the sorely-missed City Centre Offices is a posthumous release by Carl Crack and his collaborator Frederic Stader, working together as Firewire. A TRIBUTE TO THE MANZINI, has a heavy dose of melancholy, as the tones of "Open Ur Eyes" are held down by the grinding percussion. The vocals are reverbed into infinity, it seems, and "No One There" swerves tonally, using the lyrics from "A House is Not a Home" to slightly creepy effect. The twisted R&B of "4 Ever" and "No Exit" send the romance in a different direction. The spareness of 'Every Day" and tonal mysteries of "Down" lead the album out blindfolded. Though it's a pity that there'll be no further releases from Firewire, this helps show what could have been.
      • Due to the fact it was not not been released on Empire's DHR label, Firewire is often overlooked but is Carl Crack's "final" posthumous album after his death in 2001. as with Black Ark (which i previously reviewed as a uneasy listen at times) The music is far removed Atari Teenage Riot often noisy outputs or Din St's Fever as Frederic and Carl employ a more soulful croon to their voices, but although still the dark dirge of black ark's soundscapes still churn thruout the record as the duo provides some often Techno Animal-esque breakbeats and minimal noises thruout. a lot of the tracks are mostly instrumental and filler on this release but i must say the most interesting songs on this release i must say are Crack's takes on the two Gil Scott Heron tracks "Everyday" and "No Exit", which are stripped of their soul and funk sound and transformed into dark trip hop esque dirges, and yet again showcases Crack's impressive emulation of the fallen Heron, which by many would be seen as odd outside of his usual MC-ing foray in ATR.

        as previously stated with Black Ark, its just a disappointment that crack never got to continue to make more music like this, as i could've imagined it would of gone far and gotten more interesting, as opposed to how Atari Teenage Riot sound now in the 21st century. definatley one to pick up for its collectibility or if you are a ATR completist, as its often cheap. 5/5

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