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    Cover of 080808 E.P., 2009-10-00, Vinyl080808 E.P.
    12", EP, 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Minibar – mb019Germany2009Germany2009
    Cover of 080808 E.P., 2009-10-00, Vinyl080808 E.P.
    12", EP, 45 RPM, 33 ⅓ RPM, Promo
    Minibar – mb019Germany2009Germany2009
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      Edited 11 years ago
      This EP is one of the best releases Digitaline has produced. The A side "080808" is of epic sonic proportions. The groove is tight, deep and psychedelic. Melty horn sounds, stuttered voice clips and long-phat analogue keys develop and build into a churning cauldron of music. Echoing bits of sounds fall past you as you are taken on a voyage of deep interstellar delights.
      The tempo is fun to mix with and brings a smile to my face every time I drop the needle on it. The interplay between delayed sounds and gated sounds is uncanny, and pushes the listener into deep hypnotic bliss.This is head music that is meant to be used for clubs.

      The B side is just as great. The "Oz Factor" takes you over the yellow brick road with it's driving minimalism. and holographic production.
      There is a pulsating bass line that rolls over you in what seems to be an opposing direction from the driving beat. It is very very psychedelic. Digitaline then pads it with a voice snippet that has been delayed and hangs on the edge of over-load. Super deep minimalism-tek, just chugs away with a funky bass melody. Then a punky hi-hat comes in with major attitude.

      This release is a true masterpiece of Digitaline's artistic style. I just hope Cadenza Records gives these two men a substantial advance to put out a new LP.

      Come on Digitaline, the world needs a new long play from you guys!
      Amazing material!!!

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