Fila BrazilliaJump Leads



Motown Coppers
Spill The Beans
We Build Arks
It's A Knockout
Monk's Utterance
Percival Quintaine
Mother Nature's Spies
The Green Green Grass of Homegrown

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    Cover of Jump Leads, 2002-03-05, CDJump Leads
    CD, Album
    Twentythree – T 010UK2002UK2002
    Cover of Jump Leads, 2002-03-05, VinylJump Leads
    Twentythree – TT010LPUK2002UK2002
    Jump Leads
    CDr, Album, Promo
    Twentythree – noneUK2002UK2002
    New Submission
    Cover of Jump Leads, 2002-02-00, CDJump Leads
    CD, Album
    Twentythree – T010USCDUS2002US2002
    New Submission
    Cover of Jump Leads, 2002, CDJump Leads
    CD, Album
    Twentythree – T 010USCDUS2002US2002
    New Submission
    Cover of Jump Leads, , CDJump Leads
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label – T 010RussiaRussia
    New Submission



    • retroGRAD3's avatar
      Edited 5 years ago
      This is the album that introduced me to Fila Brazillia, which then led me to track down every other album they released. It will always be a special one to me. It's a shame I discovered these guys so close to the end of their partnership. However, between the Cutler and Steve Cobby's solo stuff, the good music does continue from at least half of the duo. I still hope that one day we will see a reunion tour or album from Fila. As to this specific album, I still think it is my favorite.
      • kraff's avatar
        Neverending journey full of unexpected sound tricks and samples. "jump leads" change my mind, my music world too. so much love for Fila.
        • scoundrel's avatar
          <I>Jump Leads</I> might just be the pinnacle of Fila Brazillia’s long career, and that’s praise indeed! This album definitely ranks among their best work and that quality is evident from the very first track, “Bumblehaum,” which goes from an organ solo to a groovy piece of work. “Motown Coppers” is blip-funk at its finest, and “Spill the Beans” has so much of the blues in it, you’ll be depressed for days. As with any good work, the track continually change, thus staving off any possibility of stagnation or boredom. “We Build Arks” is so catchy, it’ll get stuck in your head like a nail. The closing track, “The Green Green Grass of Homegrown,” merges country-western music with the Fila sensibilities. Needless to say, it’s great. So is this album.

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