Fila BrazilliaLuck Be A Weirdo Tonight


Lieut. Gingivitis Shit5:10
Billy Goat Groupies3:36
Apehorn Concerto6:15
Hells Rarebit7:34
Her Majesties Hokey Cokey4:35
Rustic Bellyflop4:39
Van Allens Belt9:54
Pollo De Palo6:29
Heat Death Of The Universe7:45
Weasel Out The Muck6:43
Do The Hale-Bopp6:08

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    Cover of Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight, 1997-06-00, CDLuck Be A Weirdo Tonight
    CD, Album
    Pork Recordings – PORK 045UK1997UK1997
    Cover of Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight, 2001, CDLuck Be A Weirdo Tonight
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Twentythree – T008UK2001UK2001
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight, 2001, CDLuck Be A Weirdo Tonight
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Pork Recordings (2) – PORK 045Russia2001Russia2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight, 2021-11-00, VinylLuck Be A Weirdo Tonight
    2×LP, Album, Reissue
    Fila Brazillia – FBRA005LPUK2021UK2021
    New Submission
    Cover of Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight, 2021-11-00, VinylLuck Be A Weirdo Tonight
    2×LP, Album, Reissue, Test Pressing
    Fila Brazillia – FBRA005LPUK2021UK2021
    New Submission
    Cover of Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight, , FileLuck Be A Weirdo Tonight
    11×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue, Stereo
    Twentythree – T008UKUK



    • mikkel's avatar
      Edited 8 months ago
      Please tell me how this sounds? Specifically how does the bass sound on "Do The Hale-Bopp".
      • oblaky's avatar
        So glad this mischievous bunny finally adorns the prime spot on my shelf in all its whimsical 12" glory. Fila provided the soundtrack to many joyous scrapes back in the day, the years of millennial, early-internet-induced, borderless optimism, file sharing and genre bending. This bubbling, rustic psychedelic funk with a dose of starry-eyed nostalgia and wonderlust, will be treasured till the end times.
        • downtempo_nomad's avatar
          Fila Brazillia's second best album, original, diverse and ahead of its time. Still a great listen and brings happy memories.
          • jamesgadd's avatar
            Great to have this on vinyl, and as others have mentioned the sound quality is decent enough. A couple of gripes though:
            - The inner sleeves are shockingly bad! So tight and static ridden that they had to be torn off on both my discs. How much would a couple of poly-lined sleeves cost?
            - The tracks which are mixed together on the digital end abruptly on the vinyl, it's minor but is a bit weird on first listen if you're used to the digital. A quick fade out would have been nicer IMO.

            Anyway, music is great, and of course, lovely to see that rabbit on a big sleeve :)
            • Cardiff_Giant's avatar
              The sound quality is as good as I could have hoped for, given that this was only ever released in digital formats previously. VERY bass heavy. Looks to be from GZ Media based on the matrix stamps, however, the pressing is actually high quality, nearly free of surface noise. The packaging is very bare bones though, no gatefold, and only provides plain paper inner sleeves, which should be replaced and thrown out immediately.
              • Electrohound's avatar
                Edited 3 years ago
                Love, love, love this album. In my book, it's Fila's best, marking a creative high point where they had gotten some success on the heels of Black Market Gardening and really let loose in the studio. It takes a few listens to crack and crucially should be listened to from start to finish. But once you do, it's like floating down a whitewater river on an endlessly wild ride. While it lacks some of the more uptempo moments on their other albums - like 'Pots & Pans' on Old Codes or 'Feathery Legs' on Power Clown - throughout, it is an immersive riveting experience with emotional peaks, valleys and clears, culminating in the extraordinary trio of 'Pollo De Palo,' 'Heat Death of the Universe' and 'Weasel Out the Muck.' There is a great new interview that dives deep into this masterpiece by Ghost Deep on Substack. In it, we learn that David McSherry was going through a personal tragedy at the time, and that working on 'Luck' was part of his therapy. It's amazing how McSherry and Steve Cobby turned some of that pain into beautiful and joyous music. Also, fun fact in the story, that the voice sample talking about "packing bags" in a self-fulfilling prophecy of "millennial fever" is Talking Heads' David Byrne!! Which makes 'Luck' that much more of a unique experience - a magical brilliant beacon shining out before the madness of the 21st century.
                • oblaky's avatar
                  Rejoyce!!! "Happy new year! It’s probably LBAWT for wax next." – Fila Brazillia's Twitter account just now. Here's hoping!
                  • hardsparrow's avatar
                    It's one of the greatest modern tragedies that this is still unavailable on LP.
                    • mjk37's avatar
                      This is my favourite of all of their albums. I never get tired of listening to this.
                      • Guill's avatar
                        Is there any bad album coming from the hands of Fila Brazillia?
                        No, there isn't.A joy to listen to.*****!!!

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