Fila BrazilliaBlack Market Gardening


Snake Ranger7:55
Little Dipper6:01
Blubber Plinth7:36
Butter My Mask9:13
Wigs, Bifocals And Nurishment8:08
Onc Mongaani9:22
July 235:13

Credits (6)


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    Cover of Black Market Gardening, 1996-11-00, CDBlack Market Gardening
    CD, Album
    Pork Recordings – PORK 037UK1996UK1996
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    Cover of Black Market Gardening, 2001, CDBlack Market Gardening
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Twentythree – T 007UK2001UK2001
    Cover of Black Market Gardening, 2001, VinylBlack Market Gardening
    3×LP, Reissue
    Twentythree – TT007LPUK2001UK2001
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Black Market Gardening, 2001, CDBlack Market Gardening
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Pork Recordings (2) – PORK 037Russia2001Russia2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Black Market Gardening, , FileBlack Market Gardening
    9×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue, Stereo
    Not On Label (Fila Brazillia Self-released) – noneUKUK



    • elevatedculture's avatar
      This really needs a reissue.
      This really needs a reissue.
      • andyman5's avatar
        Edited 17 years ago
        Black Market Gardening is Fila Brazillia at the peak of creativity. Few other bands can create such a "live feel" with so much technology. Black Market combines downtempo stone cold chillers with hustlin' latin soul and disco and deep space vibe like few other records. 'Blubber Plinth' changes effortlessly from a trip hop hazer to out and out break beat stomper and tracks like 'Xique Xique' and 'Onc Mongani' roll on forever in blissful phased and reverbed crescendo's. It all comes crashing down with the brilliantly mono-toned and thunder filled July 23rd. This crop was well tended and raised in the sunlight of high summer and nurtured to bring about one of the finest vintages of its time.
        • scoundrel's avatar
          <I>Black Market Gardening</I> continues Fila Brazillia’s quiet domination of the downtempo world. “Snake Ranger” slides by on wavering synths and a chorus of flutes, while “Little Dipper” starts off with an old-time piano sample before shifting into a funk workout. “Wigs, Bifocals and Nurishment” skids into disco territory, but not so much that you’re pulling out your platforms. By contrast, “Xique-Xique” is smooth and sweet, like a dancing baby’s bottom; “Onc Mongaani” (how do they come up with these names?) is an ambient space journey and the closer, “July 23,” continues this journey into summer. Brilliant.

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