Bovine Funk6:39
The New Cannonball4:36
Here Comes Pissy Willy4:22
Throwing Down A Shape5:19
Bumpkin Riots5:59
President Chimp Toe4:08
It Loved To Happen1:08
Little Hands Rouge5:50
Tunstall And Californian Haddock3:38
Feathery Legs8:22
A Wince Of Sumo2:11
The Speewah5:23

Credits (7)


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    Cover of Power Clown, 1998-08-00, CDPower Clown
    CD, Album
    Pork Recordings – PORK 055UK1998UK1998
    Cover of Power Clown, 2001, CDPower Clown
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Twentythree – T 009UK2001UK2001
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Power Clown, 2001, CDPower Clown
    CD, Album, Unofficial Release
    Pork Recordings (2) – PORK 055Russia2001Russia2001
    New Submission
    Cover of Power Clown, 2020-10-08, VinylPower Clown
    2×LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
    Fila Brazillia – FBRA003LPUK2020UK2020
    New Submission
    Cover of Power Clown, , CassettePower Clown
    Cassette, Album, Unofficial Release
    Music Land Records (2) – 3332RussiaRussia
    New Submission
    Cover of Power Clown , , CDrPower Clown
    CDr, Album, Unofficial Release
    Not On Label – 456-0MalaysiaMalaysia
    New Submission



    • dmkbox's avatar
      Vote for repress! Missed original date. Now flippers are rise prices.
      • downtempo_nomad's avatar
        Funky, fresh and full of surprises, a new direction for Fila Brazillia but a great album nonetheless.
        • adelsolar64's avatar
          Edited 3 years ago
          what a bass! great press, wish they use more space/time per side though... don´t care if side 4 turns out blank
          • Damikun's avatar
            I remember I bought it the time it was released after reading a positive review in French magazine "CODA". This was my first Fila Brazillia album and probably for the same reason it stands my favorite. Just wonderful.
            • Applescrapple's avatar
              I‘m surpised that this album hasn‘t inspired the same amount of gushing comments and reviews as other FB albums from the same period - it is absolutely outstanding from first track to last, and flows like a good DJ mix. Highlights include the mellow funk of ˋthe new cannonball´, the way ˋthrowing down a shape ´ morphs from distorted wavey electro into a celestial acoustic guitar-driven groove (helpfully, both of these tracks made it onto the same piece of vinyl that is extremely reasonably priced), the banger that is ‘feathery legs’.....there are no lowlights! It’s a crying shame that it never got a proper vinyl release and thus that ‘president chimp toe’ never made it to wax. Probably their best album, and an essential purchase for everyone.
              • scoundrel's avatar
                Fila Brazillia’s <I>Power Clown</I> continues the live funk vibe that infected their previous album. This time, however, the funk seems a little better integrated into the music. “Here Comes Pissy Willy,” for instance, is a kitchen-sink composition, yet it works; “Throwing Down A Shape” throws down a mellow groove and spreads it around like grease. “Firelanes” gets us into a jazzy mood, with a sax that just won’t quit, while the interlude “It Loved To Happen” strums its way into your heart. “Tunstall and Californian Haddock” is a short detour to Brazil, while “Feathery Legs” will prompt you to get yours moving. With this album, Fila Brazillia show that they’re not just clowning around.

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