The HackerReves Mecaniques

Style:Techno, Electro, Acid


The Hacker Feat. PerspectsFlesh & Bone6:44
The HackerSequenced Life5:43
The Hacker Feat. Miss KittinMasterplan6:31
The HackerVillage Of The Damned6:45
The HackerElectronic Snowflakes3:39
The Hacker Feat. Mount SimsTraces5:38
The HackerIt's The Mind7:02
The HackerRadiation5:15
The HackerThe Brutalist8:41
The HackerSleeping Machines4:15

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    Cover of Reves Mecaniques, 2004-10-18, CDReves Mecaniques
    CD, Album
    Different – DIFF 1035 CD, GoodLife – DIFF 1035 CD, [PIAS] Recordings – 451.1035.020France2004France2004
    Cover of Reves Mecaniques, 2004-10-18, VinylReves Mecaniques
    2×LP, Album
    Different – DIFF 1035 DLP, PIAS France – 451.1035.012France2004France2004
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    Cover of Reves Mecaniques, 2004, CDReves Mecaniques
    CD, Promo
    Different – DIFF 1035 CD Promo, PIAS France – 451.1035.220France2004France2004
    Recently Edited
    Cover of Reves Mecaniques, 2005-02-21, CDReves Mecaniques
    CD, Album
    [PIAS] Recordings – 451.1035.020, GoodLife – 451.1035.020, Different – 451.1035.020Russia2005Russia2005
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    • seeyournamehere's avatar
      Excellent Techno album.
      He dares you to enter in the dark world of techno. And you accept it. Pure masterpiece.

      I think The Hacker is better when He makes music "alone" (i mean not with Miss Kittin->Miss Kittin use a lot of vocal).

      • scoundrel's avatar
        The Hacker's REVES MECANIQUES starts out with the quiet throb of "Flesh & Bone," which quickly turns darker, alternating between spiderwebs and the spider's venom. There's a subtlety to The Hacker's creations, and even Miss Kittin's vocals on "Masterplan" or Mount Sims on "Traces" don't interfere with the smoothness. But he's adept at many different moods, bringing a growling menace to "Village of the Damned" and "Radiation" and a delicacy to "Electronic Snowflakes." ("It's the Mind" manages to combine both together!) "The Brutalist" dips into some acid, and "Sleeping Machines" ends the album on a science-fiction-y note. Quite nice.
        • sjvilla79's avatar
          Edited 18 years ago
          You will not be disappointed in this album. It is pure musical brilliance from the The Hacker, who is without question a musical genius. This album is along the same lines as Miss Kittin's "I Com" although Rêves Mécaniques is more edgy, abrupt and perhaps somewhat eerier than the stuff from Miss Kittin et al. The beats on this album, for example, pace along with no chance for you to focus much on the last track played. For example, I find that each ensuing song totally compliments that previous and when listening all you want to do is anticipate the next song. And boy are there some tracks on this album that you'll want to put on heavy rotation. The opening tune, Flesh & Bone, is a perfect introduction. You'll surely find more just like it too.

          So, I like this album. Also, one of the good things is that it doesn't take that long to get into its genre and overall feel. I'm sure any fan of Miss Kittin, the likes of Ladytron and perhaps Peaches will like what Rêves Mécaniques brings to the table. It has definitely earned a place on my CD shelf and is a real favourite. Great for listening to at any time of the day too.

          I say don't look past this album. It's an awesome listen and an album you'll cherish for a long time to come.
          • muetdhiver's avatar
            Edited 19 years ago
            This new record from the Hacker did not impressed me at first play, but constructed by nice & calms melodies, it started fast to give me good feelings. We can listen here a kind of mix between the Hacker universe and his influences, New Order/Joy Division IMHO. This, especialy on the first track of the LP.
            The song w/ miss Kittin can be greatly mixed with others classics from both of them. Nice work.

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