Plaid - Trainer as reviewed by noviellion

January 19, 2018
referencing Trainer, 3xLP, Comp, WARP LP 74

This compilation is the bridge between Black Dog and Plaid, stylistically. It's a beautiful energetic naive sound that is much more appealing to me personally. Using older gear/sounds and techniques that are really a nostalgic glimpse into the past every time I hear it. Classic idm tunes.

Plaid - Trainer harley80

December 20, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
referencing Trainer, 4xLP, Comp, TP, Warp LP 74
I have the 4LP test pressing & I also have a "The Town House" 3CDR acetate set which includes all the Rising High tracks. Each CDR comes in it's own individual Town House cover. I was fortunate to get the vinyl & the CDR's at the same time back in 2000.

Plaid - Trainer as reviewed by 7mehulpatel

April 27, 2014
referencing Trainer, 2xCD, Comp, WARPCD74
of the 26 tracks on these 2 discs, about 15 (~60%) of them should not be missed
5 (~20%) of them are on my BEST OF ALL PLAID collection (CAPITALIZED)
disc 1 - 2anything, 3slice of cheese, 6summit, 8yak, 9scoobs of columbia, 12ESHISH, 13blah 14NORTE ROUTE
disc 2 - 2whirling of spirits 3choke & fly 4small energies 5jolly 8REISHI 10TAN SAU 12ANGRY DOLPHIN
the rest are also good, definitely worth the investment in your essential IDM collection

Plaid - Trainer brainz

December 11, 2014
referencing Trainer, 2xCD, Comp, WARPCD74
This is the type of review that I enjoy very much :)

Plaid - Trainer Stormchild

November 3, 2010
referencing Trainer, 2xCD, Comp, WARPCD74
"Uland" is a previously-unreleased variation on the track "Island" (part of the "Parasight" EP on Rising High).

Plaid - Trainer as reviewed by scoundrel

February 5, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
referencing Trainer, 2xCD, Comp, WARPCD74

Nowadays, Plaid's TRAINER sounds incredibly rough -- but for all its rough edges, it still manages to be ahead of its time, even the slightly embarrassing neo-rave of "Uneasy Listening." “A Slice of Cheese” is uncommonly good piece of lounge before the word was applied to every piece of downtempo out there, and “Link” and “Summit” show the melodic forwardness that made the Black Dog such a seminal group. And you can’t ignore the breaks on the Latin stormer, “Scoobs in Columbia,” that makes much of the current Latin explosion seem like nacho cheese. The unreleased “Chirpy,” “Prig” and “Eshish” shows aspects of IDM at its most beautiful Black Dog-esque heights (indeed, Ken Downie, Plaid’s former Black Dog mate, objected to the release of this material), and “Nort Route” is the perfect distillation of them. On the second disc, “The Whirling of Spirits” and “Choke and Fly,” originally released on the short-lived A.R.T. label, and “Small Energies,” continue this path. The driving “Letter” goes more tribal, while “Soft Key” veers in a more acidic direction and “Uland” goes back to mellow. The final two tracks, which appeared on the late, lamented Clear, lead us to the Plaid’s Warp days. “Android” has a soft electro feel into it, while “Angry Dolphin” is a little more breaks-oriented. If this is considered Plaid’s training, then it’s no wonder that they’re still running strong today.

Plaid - Trainer as reviewed by _subkonsius_

October 12, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
referencing Trainer, 3xLP, Comp, WARP LP 74
This collection is obviously the building blocks of what we know now as Plaid. These guys continue to be way ahead of their time yet just on the edge of today. It is nice to finally be able to get some of these tracks on vinyl.

Plaid - Trainer as reviewed by blipseed

June 13, 2003
referencing Trainer, 3xLP, Comp, WARP LP 74
There are 15 Warp Test Pressings in existance of a 4xLP version of Trainer, which includes the Balil Parasight EP and the Black Dog Productions EP from Rising High which never made it to the final official Warp release due to licencing issues.

Plaid - Trainer as reviewed by TORQUE23

May 5, 2003
referencing Trainer, 3xLP, Comp, WARP LP 74
this represents some of Ed and Andy's best work - although I feel that some of the tracks could have involved Ken Downie such as the Balil tracks, rather than just Ed on his own. Despite my rating of 10/10, I do feel that they should be releasing new music instead of cashing in on old material.

Plaid - Trainer as reviewed by plaidzebra

October 27, 2002
referencing Trainer, 2xCD, Comp, WARPCD74

What was intended to be a comprehensive collection disappoints with the disinclusion of essential early Black Dog tracks. Also, those who have tasted various MP3's of some of these tracks will discover inferior mixes and criminally short edits ("Uland" most notably).
Despite providing essential CD release of some classic tracks, those who know the back catalog better will be saddened by what's missing.

Plaid - Trainer AskeladdenBlack

January 15, 2017
referencing Trainer, 2xCD, Comp, WARPCD74
This is not a Black Dog release, hence no Black Dog.

Plaid - Trainer as reviewed by eiskristall

October 5, 2002
referencing Trainer, 3xLP, Comp, WARP LP 74

The whole oevre (most of them are hard to find tracks)of Plaid is released here on this compilation, it shows why that act became so successful in the IDM scene. Timeless music. Perfection in sounds since 1989. Yes, that is Plaid we love them for!