BadBadNotGood - III vibesandstuff

January 8, 2019
referencing III, Cass, Album, IL2019
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BadBadNotGood - III kvetcha

December 7, 2018
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019

Really good record, but I've had two copies and they've both been noisy messes even after vacuum cleaning. Stubborn pops and clicks.

BadBadNotGood - III boulala1406

February 5, 2019
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019
This means the pressing is not good.. Ten words ah

BadBadNotGood - III as reviewed by anthonylukefoto

October 13, 2018
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019

My copy had some slight surface noise but after cleaning it is now almost non existent. Superb sounding record with great bass and clear mids and highs.

BadBadNotGood - III as reviewed by paverstuff

October 1, 2018
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019
Guess I got lucky and got a superb pressing. Absent of any non-fill and only a very light occasional tick in lead-in and lead-out. A fantastic album in every way.

BadBadNotGood - III nugentnsb

April 25, 2018
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019
Tons of surface noise. Getting lots of pops and clicks.

BadBadNotGood - III as reviewed by highendfastfood

May 9, 2017
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019
It's a great and innovative album. But the Mastering and the pressing Quality are poor! What a shame for such a great Album.

BadBadNotGood - III hamicle

September 27, 2017
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019
My copy is poor too - non fill on each side.

BadBadNotGood - III Babylon_Timewarp

April 1, 2016
edited over 3 years ago
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019
This stuff you can play way up load like DnB, Roots Reggae, it's very powerful rythm and cool riff mastery same as the best roots reggae and in an entirely non-jazz, all jamming super funky, playful laid back instrumental feel. all for it. someone should relabel this as various subgenres of jazz, it is urban music, it's not chordally wild or psychadelic its firmly rooted on the planet.

Properly grooving, i wouldn't call it jazz in anything except that it uses some jazz instruments, at least it is completely far away from all the central influence jazz that defines the term. The percussion and basslines on this are massive... on a high level as in live, we have some of the most concise funk flavours i have heard for a lonnggg while, the percusion hifi is low but the overal mastering and round sound of it is very nice, it supplies a Jungle-DnB style irregularity, and urban nujazz, jazz trip hop kind of groove... Rare for jazz to have such pumping rythm and bass... On top of that the instruments are way crazy! laid back energetic playful riffs... That said when i first heard it i didn't like the frequency mastering it is kindof eccentric, it's occupies the same sound range as reggae dub, has massive energy, it's one to forget about for a minute and do something else and you will suddenly house that your entire house is rocking on some of the most hot jazzy bass grooves ever. The frequency space occupied by this is similar to what gives urban sound it's cool, i.e. harlem shake and things, it certainly doesnt have very strong midrange and high range which is fine for me, although i do like mid and high to give the bass and low mids definition and clarity, without getting carried away.

Very fun release.

BadBadNotGood - III as reviewed by JackThomas311

February 17, 2015
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019

This album has been a consistent go-to for me for the past couple of months. It is so different than what's currently out there, and the way they can fuse jazz with undertones of hip-hop is very impressive. Can not wait to hear what BBNG+Ghostface will sound like when the album drops later this month.

BadBadNotGood - III jedimindsick

May 11, 2014
referencing III, 2xLP, Album, IL2019

III is the 1st all original release for bbng. seems like they really got their chops down and are completely capable of composing thought out and impressive piano trio jazz numbers. wish they would have included a couple of takes on current hip hop releases - but the album is a very impressive original entry. the issues that plagued the vinyl release of II are non-existent. buy/order/spin with confidence.