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July 21, 2013
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Since DeMonne has deleted his account, I will repost some of his VV-related reviews from the WayBack Machine.

DeMonne's original notes on the album follow. If anyone wants me to remove it, I will do so,

All songs for this album were written long time ago, in the beginning of band's career. Because of political and some other problems they were never released officially before (excepting song "Були Деньки" released on "Du Lenine A Lennon" compilation, but only in France). Although pirate tapes with records of VV were very popular.
Most of these songs were originally recorded not professionally. Original tapes recorded in "Кобза" studio ("Пісенька", "А-ба-бап" and "Пісня") are not in band's possession.
So all songs were re-recorded (likely in 2006) and that's the result.

Years of writing songs:
Пісенька - 1987
А-ба-бап - 1989
Пісня - 1990
А Чи То - 1988
Були Деньки - 1988
Заднє Око - 1987
Колискова - 1988
Політрок - 1988
Червоні Коні - 1991
Гей, Налягай - 1989
Дитинство - 1987
Катерина - 1992