Metalheads - Terminator IanRuth

October 9, 2018
referencing Terminator, Acetate, 12", none
Is this the earliest known plate of Terminator thats been found thus far? Im pretty sure there may even be an earlier one, as Grooverider played Terminator at Amnesia House Book of Love, 27/06/1992

Metal Heads* - Terminator tangee

September 15, 2018
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003

The Whole 12" Is A Banger..Every Track Means Something...They Are A Family Of Tunes.

Metal Heads* - Terminator juanchai

August 28, 2018
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
My pride and joy for 2-3 years before it perished in a house fire in deepest, darkest Wiltshire ... Tears ... :(

Metal Heads* - Terminator 8892sales

February 11, 2018
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003

I think Knowledge is probably universally the most underrated track on this groundbreaking EP. When I first heard DJ Jinx playing a Test Pressing of this at Music Power Records in Haringey, north London, it nearly blew my head off. This is the first track I'd heard from the EP long before the main track Terminator itself. And I always much preferred it to be honest. Harking back to a much darker, more techy hardcore. A pummeling in yer face mentasmic past rather than an atmospheric jungle drum n bass future. Much, much darker.

But every track on this release is an equal winner for completely different reasons. Knowledge just brings back more vivid memories on a personal level :) 

Metal Heads* - Terminator teecee

December 5, 2017
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
Just cataloguing another crate from the racks and came across https://www.discogs.com/Mystique-Fire/release/177346 which sounds suspiciously like the source of the phasing synth from Terminator. What do you reckon?

Metal Heads* - Terminator Shaneski75

November 16, 2017
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003

if you read the Goldie book 9 lives - you will find out that him and Rob Playford were doing the final mix down for Terminator his "darkcore anthem" as he references it! whilst both on turbo biscuits and Goldie jumped up on the mixing desk and punched the ceiling ............which caused all kinds of drama in the studio.

Anyway first time the track was ever played on British airwaves was Fabio & Grooverider filling in for shitty Steve Jackson on Kiss FM - circa early 1992 (i have the tape ripped to digital if anyones interested) - they played it on DAT and reference Terminator incorrectly as Knowledge, 3-4 months later the track dropped on wax and changed the game for ever.
a track that will remain forever with me.

Metal Heads* - Terminator CASINOBOY

June 20, 2018
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
i m pretty sure I had that show on cassette too - did it have D livin - Why , and Chicken Fried Rice by Carl Craig on ? would love to hear it as lost my cassette years ago - was a really really special show .

Metal Heads* - Terminator Classof1990

February 3, 2018
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
Mate have you ever shared / posted that Kiss FM show RIP ?

Metal Heads* - Terminator eleeut

October 23, 2017
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
seriously, i can only imagine what it must have been for the first crowds to hear this played back at them. those timestretched drum lines still give me goosebumps from hearing them in my car tape deck from 1993 from some 3rd or 4th gen bootleg hardcore mix that made it cross the Atlantic.

Metal Heads* - Terminator as reviewed by DOCTOR_DIATRIBE23

June 1, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
Written-By, Producer – DJ Freebase, Goldie, Markus (Co Pilot To The Stars) Rutherford* ... Must have been a good time in that studio.......... ;)

Knowledge Bends it further... BTW

Metal Heads* - Terminator RanzaOne

July 24, 2016
edited over 2 years ago
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
I am not going to go into how important this release is, especially Terminator, for moving the Breakbeat Hardcore scene forward, heads know, new heads need to learn and snatch this up pronto. Mutated breaks battling it out with deep, dark and euphoric atmosphere, sinister breakbeat funk that is untouchable. Classic to the core. A previously unreleased mix of Terminator can be found here https://www.discogs.com/Goldie-The-Alchemist-The-Best-Of-1992-2012/release/4347524.

Metal Heads* - Terminator as reviewed by masaq

July 7, 2016
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referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003

This is a really difficult EP to review. I think there is no question that this release was extremely important, released at just the right time when happy hardcore had just about burnt itself out and UK dance was at crossroads. This release pushed us along a more darker road towards what was to become jungle and darker D & B rhythms. A trailblazer that set the stall out and gave us a taste of what was to come. Personally I think it is one of the most influential pieces of vinyl of my generation. The four tracks featured here paved the way for what in my opinion is one of the best albums of all time - Timeless. Terminator, Knowledge, and Sinister are all truly excellent. Above all though, I do love this raw, unpolished version of Kemistry. This version is a much earlier version than the on the CD release of 95, and also different to the VIP version on the vinyl album. That said, Diane's vocals suit the track perfectly. She is sorely missed that's for sure. One track I would love to see released on vinyl is the version that's on the Timeless CD. As far as I know, it's not available on vinyl anywhere, but I live in hope of one day being able to spin my favourite Goldie track on vinyl. The reason I say this EP is difficult to review is this - no one can question its importance. That is beyond question - But has it really stood the test of time? Listening to what is being released today, this EP does sound a little dated. If there is one EP that deserves to be remastered, it's this one. A 2016 remaster of Terminator would do the trick. All that aside, if your are after a slice of the origin, the start of things, the seed that grew into a mighty oak, then look no further. A true, true, classic release. RIP Diane, you had the voice of an angel. Considering the tragedy with Kemi, and also Diane's passing, a very bitter sweet recording, but definitely an essential one.

Metal Heads* - Terminator drubber77

April 23, 2018
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003

Already been said, but yes Happy shitty Hardcore didn't take hold until mid 93ish.

Metal Heads* - Terminator weyheyhey

March 29, 2018
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
...eh? 'Terminator' has aged very well. Unique things usually do. Still sounding fresh to my ears, the other tracks not so much.

By the way dude, happy hardcore didn't really exist when this record came out.

Metal Heads* - Terminator Shaneski75

March 23, 2018
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003

Erm always love what you have to say and I know that you are a MHDZ aficionado - however no reappointment of Terminator is required, as the mix down arrangement & sonic agression can't really be bettered for the time (1992) - it was recorded and mixed & mastered in a full blown studio with major panels (with uncle Rob) - a remaster and reissue would be simply for the sake of it. My OG copy still sounds like it can strip paint off the walls whist practicing voodoo - extreme track for the time. peace & love

Metal Heads* - Terminator ck

November 23, 2017
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
Happy Hardcore was just getting going then I would say...

Rufige Kru - Terminator JohnnyMassacre

June 8, 2016
referencing Terminator , Acetate, 12", none
Fuck man I wonder how rare this is…………….. like it has to be the rarest jungle track of all time surely. Probably only a handful if that in existence?

Metal Heads* - Terminator technics02

July 21, 2015
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003
Ditto all below ground breaking tunes way ahead off its time, I'm lucky to have white label test press in my collection 10/10

Metal Heads* - Terminator as reviewed by harbri

April 17, 2015
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003

Still pushing. Here there's a soul. Happy to have a pristine copy. 5/5

Metalheads - Terminator EChap23

March 3, 2015
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referencing Terminator, 12", Promo, SYNTH 3

My SYNTH 3 (not 003) has metalheads logo one side and info label the other side and basic black cover. 4x 5 star tracks, unique.

Metal Heads* - Terminator junkmale

August 4, 2014
referencing Terminator, 12", SYNTH 003

thumbs up x about a million, lol! there should be a special "Spinal Tap" rating option for epic ep's like this - definitely an 11 out of 5 :-)))